66 Lottery App | Earn Up To ₹1500 In APK

Hello my dear color-trading gaming friends, today we talked about the 66 Lottery app. To download the 66 lottery app, you can download it from its official website link at any time. 66 lottery app is designed for playing online lottery games.

In which you are going to earn a lot from every kind of new activity. In today’s article, we will tell you about all the activities and withdrawals of this app.

66 Lottery
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All Activities Available In The 66 Lottery App:

So friends, apart from all the earning bonuses in this app, there are many activities available for your daily earning. By participating in all these activities you can earn along with your entertainment.  

1: Requirement Agency.  

2: Daily Quick Invitation Bonus.

3: Recharge Bonus.

4: 66 Lottery Official Channel.

66 Lottery App

In this app, all the details are provided to you in the official telegram channel of this app. You can join any time after registering in this app. You can earn by going to the Activity section and participating in any of your favourite activities.

Withdraw Your Winning Amount In The 66 Lottery App:

1: After opening this app, go directly to the withdrawal section.  

2: After the withdrawal page opens, enter all the given details correctly.  

66 Lottery Login

3: To withdraw your winning amount, your bank account should be linked to this app.  

4: Select the linked bank account and enter the withdrawal amount.  

5: Lastly, click on the withdraw button and proceed.  

Within 24 hours the deducted amount will be transferred to your bank account.  

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In today’s article, you have been told about how to withdraw earnings from all the activities available in this apk.

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