Coronavirus Update: 9,851 New Covid-19 Cases Found In 24 Hours, Bizarre Jump

Coronavirus cases update india
9,851 new Covid-19 cases have been found in India(image source:

On Friday (5 June), The Union Health Ministry of India posted a fresh report on coronavirus update on their twitter handle. In this report, Union Health Ministry shared coronavirus cases update of last 24 hours. According to this report on Friday (5 June), In last 24 hours 9,851 new Covid-19 cases have been found in India. This is the biggest coronavirus cases spike in India till now. The previous biggest spike was on yesterday (4 June), which was 9,340 coronavirus cases big. Now the Covid-19 cases have crossed 2.26 Lakh mark. According to the report, 273 people have lost their lives due to coronavirus in last 24 hours.

Maharashtra is the most affected state in India, because in Maharashtra alone 2933 cases have been found in last 24 hours. Yesterday, in Maharashtra, 2,560 cases was found. Know about your state Covid-19 cases tally.

Tamil Nadu has reported 1,384 new cases, Delhi has reported 1359 new cases, Gujarat has reported 484, UP has reported 508, Rajasthan has reported 210, West Bengal has reported 368, Madhya Pradesh has reported 174, Bihar has reported 103, Karnataka has reported 257, Andhra Pradesh has reported 143, Haryana has reported 327, Telangana has reported 127, Jammu and Kashmir has reported 285, Odisha has reported 90, Punjab has reported 39, Assam has reported 316, and Kerala has reported 94 New Covid-19 cases in last 24 hours, according to The Union Health Ministry Of India.

According to the report by Union Health Ministry on Friday (5 June), India has 226,770 total number of Covid-19 cases, 110,960 Active cases, 109,462 Recovered cases, and 6,348 Deaths due to coronavirus. Union Health Ministry also reported that 5,355 people got recovered and 273 people lost their lives because of coronavirus in last 24 hours.

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