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A23 is the best app for playing rummy in India. You can play rummy games on A23 and earn money from them. So if you are looking for any earning app. Then A23 is the app for you, my friend. In this post, I will tell you all the details about the A23 app.

App NameA23 Rummy
A23 Referral CodeZCSR8D
Apk Size34 Mb
Apk Version7.0.8 (Latest)

A23 Plus App Download

The A23 app is available on the Play store. But A23 Plus app is not available on the Play store. The difference between A23 and A23 plus app is that in A23 you can play only fun games. But in A23 Plus app, you can play cash games also. Follow the steps below to download A23 Plus app.

Step 1 –  Firstly, visit the A23 official website. To visit click on the button below.

Step 2 – Now click on download now.

A23 Apk Download

Step 3 – After downloading the app. Go to your phone settings.

Step 4 – Now enable installation from unknown sources.

Step 5 – Now install the A23 Plus app on your smartphone.

A23 App Download

So by following these steps you can download the A23 Plus app.

How To Signup On The A23 app?

The Signup process of the A23 app is very simple. You can get up to ₹1000 if you signup using my Referral Code. My Ace2Three referral code is – ZCSR8D. So the welcome bonus given by A23 is quite good.

Follow the steps below to signup on the A23 app.

Step 1 – First things first, download the A23 app on your device.

Step 2 – Now open the app on your device.

Step 3 – Now enter your username and phone number.

A23 Signup

Step 4 – You can also add a referral code. My A23 referral code is – ZCSR8D. Which will help you to earn a bonus.

Step 5 – Now enter the OTP received on your registered phone number. Now your A23 account is ready and you will also receive a welcome bonus.

So these are the steps for A23 App signup.

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What Is The A23 App?

A23 App

A23 provides the best experience to play Rummy games. It has a variety of Rummy games in it. This app is also trusted among users because you can see the ads running on TV. Even Shahrukh Khan is the brand ambassador of this app. In the A23 app, you can earn money by playing games and also by referring to other people. So it is a great app for earning online.

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How To Login to A23 App?

The Login process is also very easy. There are two ways to Login into the A23 app. Firstly, you can Log in by entering your phone number and OTP. Lastly, you can Log in by entering your Username and password.

Rummy Games In A23

There are different types of Rummy Games available in the A23 app. By playing these games you can earn money. But this involves your real money also. So it is inevitable that if you play these games, you can lose your money. So you should play at your own risk.

There are two options for playing games in the A23 App. Either you can play cash games or you can play fun games. In cash games, you have to add real cash to your account. In Fun games, you can just play these games without adding cash. I will recommend you first try fun games. By this, you will get to know about the Rummy games in it. Then you can play Cash games if you are really up to that risk.

To play these games first you have to add money to your account. Then you can choose your bet and start playing Rummy games. As I told you there are a variety of Rummy Games in the A23 App. Which are as follows.

  1. Points Rummy
  2. Best of Two
  3. Best of Three
  4. Gun Shot
  5. 201 Pool Rummy
  6. 101 Pool Rummy
  7. 51 Pool Rummy
  8. Best of Two Grand
  9. Best of Three Grand

So these are Rummy Games available on the A23 app.

There are Tourneys also. Which you can participate in and earn money. Tourneys are similar to Tournaments. In which you can play Rummy Games with other people. You have to register in Tourneys and if you win you will earn a grand prize.

A23 Refer And Earn Program

You can also start earning through an A23 Referral program. It is the best option for earning in the A23 app. This does not involve any risk also because you don’t have to add money for that. The A23 referral program is similar to the Fiewin App and Winzo Gold App.

For referring to the A23 app you have to follow the steps below.

  1. Firstly, open the A23 App on your device.
  2. Now click on the three lines below your profile.
  3. Now click on Promotion – Then Refer and Earn.
  4. Now you can share your referral link and referral code with other people.

You can refer to your friend and your friend will get ₹125 instantly. If you don’t have a Referral code. You can use mine. Next, if your referred friend adds money to the A23 App you will get up to ₹5000. Also if your friend plays Rummy Games in the A23 app you can earn up to ₹10000.

So it sums up that the more the referred friend plays more the money you will earn. So it is a great option for earning in the A23 App.

How To Deposit Money In the A23 App?

As I mentioned earlier to play Rummy Games on A23 you have to deposit money in your account. The process for adding money to your account is quite different in the A23 App. Follow the steps below to deposit money in your account.

  1. First, Open the A23 App.
  2. Now click on Add Cash.
  3. Now choose the amount you want to deposit. It has to be noted that the minimum deposit amount is ₹25.
  4. You can also add a bonus code while depositing.
  5. Now click on Add and complete your KYC.
  6. Now you can choose the payment option.
  7. You can choose your Bank cards, UPI, Wallets, or Netbanking.

By following the above steps you can add money to your A23 account. Now you can play the Rummy Games. Though I will not suggest you add money to your account. But if you want to you can add lesser amounts to your account.

How To Withdraw Winnings In A23 App?

You can also withdraw your earnings in the A23 App. The minimum withdrawal amount is ₹50. After earning that much you withdraw your earnings. However, this feature is only available to premium players. You can become a premium player by adding cash to your account. Follow the process below to withdraw money in the A23 app.

  1. Firstly complete your KYC.
  2. Now click on the three lines below the Profile icon.
  3. Now click on My Wallet/Redeem.
  4. Now enter the amount of money which you want to withdraw.
  5. Now click on Redeem.
  6. Now choose the payment option.
  7. Now your winnings will be withdrawn to your bank account.

A23 Customer Support

A23 Rummy also has customer support. If you have any queries regarding the A23 App. You can contact them. You can contact A23 by email. A23 email is [email protected].

You can also contact them through their phone number. Their phone number is 1860-258-1234.

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In my opinion, an A23 app is a good option for earning money online. If you are free at home. You can give it a try. You can play games on A23 and if you win you will earn money. But monetary risks lie here.

That is why I recommend you to start earning in the A23 App via Referral program. Start referring to more and more people and you will start earning more money. So this is all for this post. I have explained to you all the details about the A23 App.

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