Bitbns Referral Code Is – 1039933 | Get ₹100 Free Bitcoin

Bitbns App Referral Code is – “1039933

Enter this Bitbns referral code1039933” and get Rs.100 worth BTC (Bitcoin) Free.

Bitbns is an Indian crypto exchange platform. Now many users are investing in crypto.

Do you know that India has the highest number of crypto investors? And if you are reading this post probably you have already invested or want to invest in crypto.

If you have invested in crypto you are among the 10.07 crores Indians. Feeling happy to know that, right?

I know you are.

Bitbns referral code
Bitbns referral code

To invest in crypto, you need a crypto exchange platform. There are many crypto exchange platforms available like Binance, Wazirx, Bitbns, CoinDCX, etc. Bitbns is well known and trusted platform to buy & sell crypto.

There are already numerous articles about what is crypto, how to use Bitbns to invest in crypto, etc.

In this post, I am going to share What is Bitbns refer and earn program is, How much can you earn through the Bitbns referral, How to refer Bitbns app, etc.

Let’s dive in…

How to sign up on Bitbns & get free BTC worth Rs.100?

Bitbns is offering flat Rs.100 worth FREE BTC once you complete the registration process. It will not take more than 5 minutes to sign up and it’s quite easy to do that.  Follow the steps to sign up.

#Step 1: First of all, you need to visit the Bitbns registration page or you can download the Bitbns app. The app is available on both Android and iOS platforms.

#Step 2: Now enter your Email ID, country and create a password for it.

#Step 3: Put this Bitbns referral code “1039933” to get Rs.100 worth of free Bitcoin in your Bitbns wallet and then tap on SIGN UP.

#Step 4: You will receive an OTP in your Mail Inbox. Just enter the OTP and verify your Email ID.

#Step 5: Now create an MPIN.

#Step 6: You are done with the registration process.

#Step 7: Tap on your Profile.

#Step 8: Now tap on Verify KYC.

#Step 9: Upload mentioned documents and take a Selfie with a Smiling Face.

#Step 10: It will take some time to verify your KYC. You will get Rs.100 worth BTC after KYC verification.

#Step 11: Go to your Profile and scroll tap on Phone Verification. Verify your mobile number.

#Step 12: Again go to your Profile and tap “Linked Bank Accounts”. Now enter your bank account details.

#Step 13: If want you can set up 2FA to secure your account. I will suggest you enable it.

Congrats! You have completed the registration process.

Currently, it is offering Rs.100 worth of free BTC as BitBns sign-up bonus.

You can also check CoinDCX, you can earn free Rs.100 worth ETH on CoinDCX.

What is Bitbns

Bitbns is a crypto exchange platform. Gaurav Dahake is the founder of this platform in the year 2017. Buyhatke Internet Pvt. Ltd. is the parent organization of Bitbns.

Now it has 40 lakh+ users. There are 144+ popular cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), Binance Coin (BNB), Ripple (XRP), Litecoin (LTC), Neo (NEO). You can invest in 144+ digital assets.

Get Rs.100 FREE worth crypto on Krypto, don’t get confused. The name of the app is “Krypto”.

Bitbns App Download

Bitbns app can be downloaded from Play Store and Apple App Store. It is available for both OS. Just open your Apple App Store/Play Store and search for it. Simply install it.

Do not download Bitbns APK from any third-party sites.

You don’t need to download the Bitbns app to use it. You can use it through the website.

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Bitbns is packed with some awesome features. Wondering what are the features?

Let’s see.

  • Peer 2 Peer Transactions
  • Cryptocurrency Wallet
  • Margin Trading
  • Realtime Trading
  • USDT Market
  • Multiple Payment Options (UPI, NEFT, IMPS, or RTGS) Available
  • Ultra Secure with 2FA (Two-factor authentication).
  • Access Through Multiple Devices ( Smartphone & Web)
  • Automated Buy and Sell
  • Extra Downside Protection
  • 24×7 Customer Support

Have you tried World’s most popular crypto exchange platform Binance?

Bitbns Refer and Earn 2022

Bitbns referral program is offering a high referral commission. When your friend uses your referral code while signing up, you get 50% of your friend’s trade fee amount and the friend gets Rs.100 worth BTC. If your friend completes KYC you will get a 50% commission, if don’t then you will get only 10% commission.

You can make money for a lifetime through the refer and earn program. Yeah, you have read it right.

Bitbns is paying high commissions like the Wazirx referral program. WazirX is well known, trusted, and reputed platform.

You just need to share your Bitbns referral code with your friends. Tell them they will get Bitbns free Bitcoin worth Rs.100, so they will more likely register on the platform.

I have shared a referral code for Bitbns, don’t forget the use the code at the time of signing up.

Bitbns referral: How to share the referral code.

  • Just log in to your Bitbns account.
  • Tap on your “Profile”.
  • Scroll Down and tap on “Referral”.
  • Here you can see your referral code.
  • Tell your friends about the Bitbns 100 Rs free bitcoin, so they are more likely to use it.
Bitbns refer and earn

How to deposit INR in BitBns

Of course, To trade, you need to add funds to your Bitbns wallet. You can add money via UPI, NEFT, IMPS, or RTG.

The minimum deposit amount is Rs.100. There’s no fee for INR deposits.

  Let’s see how to deposit money in Bitbns.

  1. Login to your account with Bitbns login details.
  2. Now click/tap on “Wallet”. 
  3. After that click/tap on “Add Money To Wallet”.
  4. Choose your desired payment method and make the payment.
  5. Hurray! You have successfully added the funds.

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How to sell Bitcoin on Bitbns

You can sell Bitcoin and withdraw the amount to your bank account.

Check out the steps to withdraw your money.

  1. Once again login to your Bitbns account.
  2. Now click/tap on the “Bitcoin” on the dashboard.
  3. Then enter the selling amount.
  4. Now tap on 100%.
  5. Your order will be placed, you can check in your order.
  6. Now you need to wait until your trade will match.
  7. The amount will be converted to INR.

How to withdraw INR from Bitbns

You can withdraw your money from Bitbns whenever you want. It has 24/7 withdrawal.

Check out the steps to withdraw your money.

  1. Once again login to your Bitbns account.
  2. Now click/tap on the “Wallet” on the dashboard.
  3. Then click/tap on the “Withdrawal” button.
  4. Enter the amount you want to withdraw.
  5. The money will be credited to your bank account.

If you want to know about Bitbns withdrawal fees, head over to this page. You can also check other Bitbns fees on that page.

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How to trade on the Bitbns app

As I have shared above there are over 144 cryptocurrencies available on Bitbns. You can trade BTC, ETH, BNB, etc. The best thing about Bitbns is the auto-buy feature. When the price will hit a certain range it will be bought automatically.

  1. Just go to the Bitbns app or log in on the web.
  2. Now tap on Market. Here you can see available crypto.
  3. You can buy in INR or USDT.
  4. Select the crypto which you want to buy.
  5. You can buy at the current price or you can set a price for Automated-Buy. If you set automated buy, it will fulfill the order automatically when the price will hit your price(The price you have set).

Want to invest in Stocks, check out the Upstox Stock Broking app, It is paying a good referral commission.

What is BNS?

BNS is a crypto token created by Bitbns. BNS token price INR is Rs.8.81. The price keeps fluctuating.

Bitbns App For PC

You can’t install this app on your PC. Even you don’t need to download the app on your PC.

It can be used on PC through the website. Just head over to the official website and log in to your account with Bitbns login details. And you can use it.

Bitbns Customer Care Number

There’s no customer care number of Bitbns.

But you can contact BitBns customer care via support ticket and mail. Here is the mail ID: [email protected].

What is 2FA OTP in Bitbns

2FA refers to 2nd Factor Authentication. 2FA is used to secure your account. To ensure that the person that the owner is logging into his/her account. They send an OTP on the Mobile number/Email ID, at the time of logging in. You need the enter the OTP on Bitbns to log in.

How To Delete Bitbns Account

By mistake, if you have opened multiple Bitbns accounts, you can delete a Bitbns account.

There are two ways to delete a Bitbns account.

#1Method Via Mail:

  • Open your Mail.
  • Give a subject like a Request To Delete Account/Request To Close Account.
  • Now write that why you are deleting the account. Make sure you have mentioned your registered details(Name, Email & Mobile Number).
  • Send the mail to [email protected].
  • Your account will be deleted.

#2Method Support Ticket

Just open Bitbns support and raise a new ticket. Now fill in all the asked details. In the description write that you want to delete your account.

General Frequently Asked Questions

Lets’ see some general FAQs about Bitbns.

Is Bitbns legal in India?
Yeah, it is a legal crypto exchange platform in India.

Who is the owner of Bitbns?
Gaurav Dahake.

How old is Bitbns?
Let’s calculate it was launched in December 2017. So it is 3 years 11 months old at the time of writing this post.

Can I trade in Bitbns without KYC?
Yes, you can trade, deposit, and withdraw on BitBns without completing KYC.

Is cryptocurrency legal in India?

Yes, it is legal in India.

Can I have multiple accounts on Bitbns?
The answer is a Big No. Never ever try to open multiple accounts.

How safe is Bitbns?
It is safe to use as they use the latest technologies and securities.

Can I deposit money through UPI?
Of course, you can do it.

How to verify a bank account in Bitbns?
Open the app>Profile> Linked Bank Accounts> Enter your bank details.

How BitBns referral works?
You will get Rs.100 worth of free BTC if you use any referral code while signing up.
When you share the referral code and someone registers using the code, you will get 50% of every trading fee. And the referee will Rs.100 worth BTC, when he/she signs up & complete KYC.

Can I deposit INR to Bitbns?

Yes, You can deposit INR.

How do I transfer crypto from Bitbns to Binance?

Once you are logged in to Bitbns tap on the Wallet option. Choose Cryptocurrency and tap on Withdrawal. Now enter the amount that you want to transfer. After that enter your Binance address and proceed.

Bitbns Referral Code: Conclusion

Bitbns is one of the most trusted crypto exchanges in India. The Bitbns refer and earn program is also good, and as the app is trusted they will surely pay you.

I have shared all relevant details about the Bitbns trading app. I am sure now you will be able to use it without any worries. . Don’t forget to use the Bitbns referral code, you will get Rs.100 worth of free BTC.

Crypto can be risky. Do research before investing your hard-earned money. I suggest you start with a small amount of money. Start with baby steps. Don’t just go with social media trends.

If you have still any queries, let me know.

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