CoinDCX Referral Code – 91756602 | Get Free ₹100 Worth ETH

CoinDCX referral code – 91756602

Enter this Referral code for CoinDCX and get ₹100 worth Ethereum.

You might hear about Crypto, Bitcoin, and Dogecoin in 2021. Probably that’s the reason you are reading this post now. Investing in crypto can be profitable.

CoinDCX referral code
CoinDCX referral code

The Ethereum price in November 2020 was about ₹35,941. And the time of writing this post on November 2021, the price is ₹3,13,123. 

So can you imagine the return?

No bank in this World can give you this much return in 1 year.

To invest you need a good crypto exchange. You can consider CoinDCX to invest in crypto like BTC, ETH, LTC, etc.

CoinDCX is India’s safest crypto exchange platform in India. Today I am going to share how to use CoinDCX to trade crypto in India. 

I will also cover how you can use the CoinDCX refer and earn program to earn more.

Let’s dive in…

How To Register On CoinDCX & Get Free ETH Worth ₹100?

You will get free ETH worth ₹100 once you complete the registration. I will also share how to unlock that amount and withdraw it from your bank account. Many people got the ₹100 worth BTC or ETH but they don’t how to unlock it. You can see the balance in the locked balance.  I am going to share how you can unlock it.

#1 Step: First of all, just download the CoinDCX app from here.

#2 Step: Now open the app and tap Sign up for free.

#3 Step: Enter your full name, Email ID, and create a new password. 

#4 Step: Now you go to your mail inbox, you can see a mail from CoinDCX with 6 digit OTP. Just enter the OTP to verify your mail.

#5 Step: Enter your mobile number. Verify your mobile number by entering the OTP.

#6 Step: If it asks for a referral code then enter this CoinDCX referral code – 91756602. You will get ₹100 worth Ethereum.

#7 Step: Add your bank account details. Once you add account details they will deposit ₹1 to verify your account. After adding the bank account you can change it yourself. You have to contact support to change.

#8 Step: Now you have to limitation with the account. If you want to remove the limitation you have to complete KYC. And to unlock the locked balance you have to complete KYC.

#9 Step: Go to the “Account” tab and tap on “Account Settings”. Now tap on Complete your KYC.

#10 Step: Tap on “Continue”. Take a selfie.

#11 Step: Now upload your Aadhaar Card and PAN Card. Upload both sides of the documents. Now your KYC will be completed.

You can see the registration process is pretty simple. You can do it within just a few minutes.

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What is CoinDCX

CoinDCX is one of the crypto exchange platforms in India similar to WazirX. Two IITIANS Neeraj Khandelwal and Sumit Gupta founded this platform in 2018. Now it has over 6 million users in India. The number of users is still growing. Crypto worth ₹75 billion+ purchased on the platform. 

It is backed by some of the big players in this field like Coinbase, BitMEX Capital, Bain Capital, Polychain Capital. Recently they have selected Ayushmann Khurrana as their brand ambassador. CoinDCX is India’s first crypto Unicorn.

You can buy more than 60 cryptocurrencies like BTC, ETH, LTC, TRX, XRP, ADA, MATIC, etc.

CoinDCX has courses to teach you about Crypto and Blockchain. You can get the courses for free. 

Do you want free Bitcoin worth ₹100, check out the Bitbns app.

What is a Cryptocurrency

You might hear the word “Cryptocurrency” many times. But have you ever thought about what is Cryptocurrency?

Cryptocurrencies are a form of digital asset. That work on a technology called Blockchain. Crypto can be exchanged online for goods and services.

BTC, ETH, LTC, XRP, etc are some of the popular CoinDCX listed coins.

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CoinDCX App

The user interface of the CoinDCX app is pretty impressive. Not only that but the app is also beginner-friendly. I have used the app and liked it so much. CoinDCX app download is available on both Android and iOS.


The app is packed with some awesome features. Let’s see the features. 

  1. Price Alert. 
  2. Beginner-Friendly UI.
  3. Real-Time Crypto Charts And Price.
  4. Bitgo Insured.
  5. Easy KYC Process. 
  6. Start Investment Just ₹100.
  7. 0 Fees On Crypto Deposits and Withdrawals

How To Unlock Locked Balance On CoinDCX

This problem is faced by many CoinDCX users. They have some bucks available in their wallet but they can’t withdraw the amount. Even if you don’t unlock locked balance will be vanished. I mean you will lose it. So let’s see how to unlock it.

Once you complete KYC you are one step further to unlock the balance.  If you have done congrats! If you haven’t done it now. 

You need to complete KYC and purchase any crypto of a minimum of ₹100 to unlock the balance. 

1. How to Add Funds On CoinDCX

There are multiple payment methods to add funds to the CoinDCX wallet. You can use UPI, MobiKwik, Bank Transfer, and Net Banking.

To add ₹100 you need to use a MobiKwik wallet. If you are not using MobiKwik, check out this post about how to register on MobiKwik.

Once you have an active MobiKwik account, you can add as low as ₹100 through MobiKwik.

  1. First open the CoinDCX app and tap on “Account
  2. Now tap on “Add Funds”. Enter the amount you want to add. You can choose any amount ₹100 or above. Tap on the “Continue” button.
  3. You can see here multiple payment options. If you are adding ₹100 you have to choose MobiKwik or UPI.
  4. Choose the payment method and make the payment.
  5. Your fund will be added.

You are just one step away to unlock your locked crypto balance. 

2. Buying Your First Crypto 

Once you added funds, You need to buy any crypto of at least ₹100 to unlock the balance.

Don’t worry it just sounds hard, it’s quite easy to buy any crypto.

  1. Just open the app and tap on “Prices”.
  2. Here you can see many crypto currencies. 
  3. Choose any crypto like Bitcoin, Ethereum.
  4. Now tap on “BUY”. Enter amount of ₹100 or more to unlock Bitcoin.
  5. Then Swipe to buy. 

Hurray! You just bought your first crypto. 

And Congrats! You have unlocked your locked balance. 

Feel free to check out the Krypto app and get scratch cards for signing up.

CoinDCX Refer and Earn

Now they are giving Ethereum worth ₹100 per successful referral. Both you and the referee will get ETH worth ₹100 as per the referral program. Go to the Account-Invite and Earn. Here you can see your CoinDCX App referral code. 

Just share your referral link with your family, relatives, and friends as much as you can and earn as much as you can. You will get the reward when the Referee completes KYC and buy their first crypto of a minimum ₹100. There’s no limit on referral earnings, you can earn unlimited.

Coindcx refer and earn

What are CoinDCX charges?

They charge fees for Spot & Margin Trading, Futures Trading, and Withdrawal. You can see the details on the CoinDCX website.

You can earn Rs.500 per referral on the Angel One app.

CoinDCX Customer Care

If you face any issue You might need to contact them.

You contact the CoinDCX support team by raising a support ticket.


Q.1:Is Cryptocurrency Legal in India?

Ans: There’s no law in India that says it is illegal. So it is legal in India.

Q.2: Is CoinDCX an exchange?

Ans: Yes, it is a crypto exchange platform. 

Q.3: Is CoinDCX Indian company?

Ans: It is an Indian company. Neeraj Khandelwal and Sumit Gupta are the founders of this platform.

Q.4: Is CoinDCX safe to use? 

Ans: CoinDCX is secured by BitGo.

Q.5: Who invented Bitcoin?

Ans: Satoshi Nakamoto is the inventor of Bitcoin.

Q.6: Is Bitcoin banned in India?

Ans: No, Bitcoin is not banned in India. Currently, there’s no such law in India.


No doubt CoinDCX is one of the best crypto exchange platforms in India. If you want to invest in crypto and you are a beginner in the field you should definitely check out this platform. 

I have shared a referral code for CoinDCX make sure to use that to get free ETH worth ₹100.

This is an in-depth article about CoinDCX. Share this post to appreciate my work.

Happy Investing and Happy Earning…

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