Cyclone Amphan Was Worse Than Coronavirus Said Mamta Banarjee

Mamta Banarjee said that Cyclone Amphan is more worse than CoronaVirus Pandemic. She claimed that Cyclone would cause around 1 lakh crore damage.

Chief Minister Mamta Banarjee also said “Sarbanash hoye galo” which means “It is a Catastrophe”. She also remained in the control room while this situation.

Damage Caused By Cyclone Amphan

It has made terrible damage in Bengal and Odisha. It is estimated that it has made around 1 Lakh Crore, which is huge.

Atleast 10-12 People dead in Bengal. Visuals from these States show severe damage to property.

Cyclone Amphan entered Bengal on the afternoon of 20 May 2020 and started damaging power lines and transforms, damaged buildings, made tremendous damage to trees, and also killed innocent people.

Airports have been shut down till 25 March. Only Evacuation Flights are working for the evacuation of people.

“Area after area has been devastated. Communications are disrupted,” said Mamta Banarjee. Government has evacuated around five lakh people in Bengal.

Cyclone Amphan is the wrost Cyclone of two decades. The last Super Cyclone that had made equivalent damage was formed in 1999.

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