Fiewin App Download 2022 | Earn ₹1000 From Fiewin APK

Are you looking for a detailed post about Fiewin in 2022? If the answer is yes, then you are on the right blog. Today I am going to share an in-depth post.

Fiewin app is a prediction-based gaming platform. The games are quite different than regular games. It’s getting popular day by day. So I thought I should share some details about this platform.

There is much confusion about what this platform is like.

  • What is Fiewin?
  • How to earn money with Fiewin?
  • How Fiewin woirks?
  • Is Fiewin safe to use?

Today I will clear all your confusion about this platform. Just read this post carefully. After reading this post, your confusion will be cleared. Just stick with the post.

Let’s see…

How To Register on Fiewin?

You need to register on this platform. You just need a mobile number to register. Follow the Fiewin registration process.

  1. First of all, visit the Fiewin website.
  2. Now tap on Register.
  3. Enter your mobile number and tap on the Get verification code.
  4. Then set your desired password and complete the captcha verification.
  5. Tap on Register. You are done.
  6. Now you can start playing.

As simple as that to register on this platform.

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What is Fiewin

Fiewin is a prediction-based gaming platform. There are multiple color prediction games available on this platform. Where you can have to play those games to earn.

You have to predict color and earn money from it. The games are unique, you will not kind of games easily anywhere.

In a very short period, Fiewin got much popularity. It has 50 lakh + users and 9 lakhs+ investors.  The Fiewin website is getting roughly 3-4 million visits per month.

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Fiewin App Download

Are you looking for a Fiewin APK download link? It is not available in the Play Store.

The Fiewin app is available on their official website. To download Fiewin APK first you need to register.

  1. First of all, register on Fiewin by following the above steps.
  2. Now open the Fiewin website and log in to your account.
  3. You will see a banner at the top to download the app.
  4. Just tap on the Download App.
  5. Now download the Fiewin APK and install it on your smartphone.

The app is not available for iOS.

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How To Earn Money in Fiewin?

There are multiple ways available on Fiewin to earn money. I will share every detail about it. But you can’t earn like other earning apps.

Let’s see Fiewin loot tricks.

  • Daily Check-in
  • Games
  • Refer & Earn

How to Play Games in Fiewin?

The games are quite different from normal games. Don’t worry about it I will share how you can play each game.

Fast Parity

It’s a kind of color prediction game. There are 3 colors: Red, Violet, and Green. Analyze the colors and start prediction. You will get 30 seconds to bid on Fast Parity. Be careful while doing Fiewin prediction.


There are 16 boxes in the game. You have to select boxes. In most of the boxes, you will have money, but in one box there’s a mine/bomb. If you open a box and find a mine/bomb, it’s game over.

Andar Bahar

It’s a guessing game. You have to choose Andar, Bahar or Tie. 

30 seconds to order, after the order time, Show a hole card first.

In the order of Andar → Bahar, the cards are dealt in turn, and the card with the same number of points as the hole card is dealt first, and which side wins.

If the hole card shows a 7, then Andar and Bahar, whatever shows the 7 first, wins. If no 7 is shown in 30 consecutive cards, it is a tie.


First, you have to choose your budget to place an order and watch the multiplier rise from 1.00x upwards! You can click Stop at any time to multiply your point with the current multiplier. If you don’t stop, you will get nothing.


You have to predict a number. The number can be less than 50 or more than 50.

Don’t use your hard money to play games on this kind of platform. I will suggest you just utilize the referral program. Use the referral program, and earn some bucks now use the amount to play games. After that just reinvest the money. So you will not have to invest your money in it.

If you are sharing the referral link with your friends tell him/her to not invest money just utilize the referral bonus. Or just invest a small amount so both of you can get the referral benefits.

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Fiewin Refer and Earn 2022

The Fiewin refer and earn program is quite unique from a normal referral program.

There are 3 levels in the Fiewin referral program.

You will get Rs.10 if you register through my Fiewin referral link.

To more about the referral program, just log in to Fiewin and tap on the head over to the Invite tab.

Share your links on Facebook, WhatsApp, Telegram, etc. So you can get more referrals.

How to Recharge Fiewin account?

If you want to play the games, You have to add funds to your Fiewin wallet.

Here are the steps for Fiewin recharge.

  1. First, you need to log in to your account with Fiewin login details.
  2. Now tap on Recharge.
  3. Enter the amount you want to add to your account.
  4. Now tap on Recharge.
  5. Select your desired payment method. You can use Phone Pe, PayPal, Or Amazon.
  6. Finally, make the payment. And the fund will be addded to our account.

Note: I never suggest you add money on Fiewin like apps. If you want to add money, add at your own risk.

If still, you want to add, add small amounts like Rs.5, Rs.10, Rs.15 Rs.20. So you will not lose a huge amount.

How to Withdraw Money from Fiewin?

You have earned some money in your Fiewin wallet and want to withdraw money to your bank account.

The minimum withdrawal is Rs.31, once you earned that much. You can withdraw the amount. The transaction fee is Rs.30, so withdraw at once as much you can. If the withdrawal amount is below Rs.1500 the withdrawal charge is Rs.30. And if the withdrawal amount is more than Rs.1500 the charge is 2%.

As the withdrawal charge is much higher, I suggest you redeem only after earning a few hundred.

Just follow the simple steps.

  1. First, log in to your account.
  2. Now tap on Withdraw.
  3. Enter your UPI ID.
  4. Then enter the amount you want to withdraw.
  5. Finally, tap on Withdraw.

Fiewin Customer Support

Sometimes you might need to contact customer care. Check out the details below.

You can contact Fiewin via mail. Here is the contact mail [email protected].

There is also an option to contact their support via Telegram Bot. You will find this option in the account section.

Fiewin Mod APK

Looking for a Fiewin Mod APK download link? Then stop looking for it.

Let me explain why.

If you search for Fiewin Mod on Google, you can get a lot of results. You can check that yourself.

But do you know all of them are fake, they upload the same app or even some people share fake APK files on their websites?

Those APK files can harm your device. Like stealing your data.

Stop wasting your time.

Go to the official Fiewin download link and download it.

Fiewin Withdraw Pending Problem

Many people are facing Fiewin withdrawal pending problems. If you are also facing a Fiewin withdrawal processing problem just follow the steps to solve it.

  1. Just log in to your Fiewin account.
  2. Now tap on “My”.
  3. Then tap on Support.
  4. It will automatically redirect you to Telegram Bot.
  5. Enter this /start and send it.
  6. Now tell them about the withdrawal problem, they will solve it for sure.

Fiewin Telegram

Want to stay updated with all the latest Fiewin news? Just join the Fiewin Telegram channel. Here is the link to the Fiewin Telegram channel.

How To Delete Fiewin Account

There might be many reasons to delete your Fiewin account.

If you want to delete your Fiewin account?

You can delete your account by following some simple steps.

#Method 1: Via Mail

  • First, open your mail account.
  • Now compose a new mail to [email protected].
  • Give subject line like Delete My Account, Close My Account, Delete My Account ASAP, etc.
  • Then write that you want to delete your account and don’t want to use it. Don’t forgot to include your registered mobile number. I am sharing the template below.

Now send the mail to mentioned Email ID.

If they don’t reply, just try the 2nd method.

#Method 2: Via Telegram

There’s Fiewin Telegram Bot. You can find this after logging into Fiewin.

To use you need to install Telegram if you haven’t already. After just visiting Fiewin, just contact the support via Bot.


  • First, make sure that you have already installed the Telegram app.
  • Now just login to Fiewin account and tap on your Profile.
  • Then tap on Support.
  • Tap on Send Message. You will be redirected to Telegram app.
  • You can now contact the support.
  • Tell them that you want to delete your account.

There’s no Fiewin WhatsApp number, but you can contact them via the above method.

There’s no guarantee that these methods work or not. Their customer support is not that good.

How To Unblock Fiewin Account

Now many users are facing Fiewin account blocking issues. There might multiple reasons for account blocking. Even sometimes they block accounts without any reason.

You have to contact the support team to unblock your account. Just contact them via the Telegram bot method. And tell that your account is blocked. Only the support team can decide if your account can be unblocked or not?

General FAQ

What is the Fiewin app?
Fiewin is a prediction-based game app. Where you can play prediction-based games.

How to earn on Fiewin?

You can earn by playing games. Apart from playing games, you can earn through referrals.

Should I add money to Fiewin?
I never recommend doing so. You can add at your own risk.

How do I complain to FieWin?
You can contact them via Email and Telegram. I prefer Telegram to contact them. I have shared how you can contact them via Telegram. Just check that out.

What is the minimum withdrawal on Fiewin?
The minimum withdrawal is Rs.31.

Why Fiewin account is blocked?
Fiewin is blocking some accounts. If a user tries to create multiple accounts, in that case, they can delete the account. Even they are blocking smoke accounts without any reason.

How do I download the Fiewin app?

First, you have to register on Fiewin to download the app. Once you are registered you can see a download the app banner.

Is FieWin com safe?
No, it’s not safe.

Can I withdraw my earnings to my Paytm wallet?

No, you can’t do that. You can only withdraw the money to your bank account.

Why the app is not in Play Store?

The app is not available in the Play Store. Because Google doesn’t allow cash contest apps.

How to contact Fiewin?

You can contact Fiewin via Mail and Telegram.


Honestly, Fiewin is not a good site to make money online. You can’t make a good amount of money on this platform. Still, I don’t know why its platform is so much popular. Even it’s not a safe platform to earn money. I will suggest to you to be aware of this kind of platform. Just utilize the referral program to earn money.

The company didn’t have any details on their website. Even the company is not listed on any site. Maybe that’s why people doubt it.

I have shared many legit apps on this blog. Just check them out.

Disclaimer: Try this site at your own risk. Newsjen is not responsible for any kind of your financial loss.

If you really want to make money online just check out some earning apps and online earning methods.

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