Formula Of Lime Water | Know Lime Water Chemical Name

Are you into chemical stuff and searching for the lime water formula? Then this is the article where you can get your answer. So the formula of lime water is Ca(OH)2, which is known as Calcium Hydroxide. If you are curious, then you should know all the details about Lime Water.

Formula Of Lime Water

What Is Lime Water? 

Calcium Hydroxide is the chemical name of Lime water. Basically, Lime water is a saturated aqueous solution of its chemical compound Calcium Hydroxide. Lime water is widely used in Industries, Food preparation, Arts, Water treatment, Personal care, and many other things. 

Properties Of Lime Water

The properties of Lime water can describe the characteristics that it enables to make different from other substances. Overall, Lime water is clear and colourless, just like water. In terms of the smell Lime Water is a slightly earthy smell, and in taste, Lime water is bitter. Thus with these properties, you can check the Lime Water. 

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Difference Between Lime Water & Quick Lime

The Lime water and the Quick lime are different substances, and both are of different chemical names and formulas. The chemical name of Lime Water is Calcium Hydroxide, and the formula of Lime water is Ca(OH)2

On the other hand, the chemical formula of the Quick lime is Calcium oxide, and the formula for the Quick lime is CaO.


Overall now you can know the formula of Lime water, which is Ca(OH)2 and the chemical name for Lime Water is Calcium Hydroxide. You can s also know all the other important details of the Lime water through this article. That includes the Lime water formula, what is Lime water, the properties of Lime water, and the difference between Lime water and Quick Lime. 

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