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If you are using the Fiewin app and earning well, then let me introduce you to a similar app like Fiewin which is the Genting Mall app. The Genting Mall app is also a color prediction app. The Genting Mall app lets its users bet on the color prediction game just like other apps allow. You can check the full article to download the Genting Mall APK.

Genting Mall
App NameGenting Mall
Genting Mall Recommendation Code92993D29
App Size4MB
App Version1.0

How To Download Genting Mall APK

You cannot find the Genting Mall APK on the play store app, as you might know, earning apps are not featured on the play store. But don’t worry, I will tell you how you can easily download the Genting Mall APK.

Step 1 – First, go to the Genting Mall. app website.

Genting Mall Recommendation Code92993D29

Step 2 – Download the Genting Mall APK latest version.

Step 3 – Install the Genting Mall APK and run it on your device.

How To Register For Genting Mall App

Registering on the Genting Mall app is as easy as downloading the Genting Mall APK. Here are the steps to register on the Genting Mall App.

Step 1 –  Open the Genting Mall APK on your Android phone.

Genting Mall Recommendation Code92993D29

Step 2 – Go to the register tab.

Genting Mall App Download

Step 3 – Here, enter some basic details to register for the Genting Mall app, including mobile number, OTP, password, and recommendation code.

Step 4 – The Genting Mall recommendation code is.

Step 5 – Click on register to register for the Genting Mall App.

Step 6 – After that, you have to login into the Genting Mall app by entering your registered mobile number and password.

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Features Of Genting Mall App

Genting Mall is an app that is similar to the Fiewin app. You can also earn on the Genting Mall app as you do on the Fiewin app, such as by playing the color prediction game or using the refer & earn options. Hence you can consider the Genting Mall app for earning money.

1. Color Prediction Game – The Genting Mall app contains a handy game to play for earning money that is the Color prediction game. The Color prediction game is a very popular game. Many users are earning a good amount of money by playing color prediction games. 

This is the reason the Genting Mall app, targets only one game which is a color prediction game. To give their users a platform for earning money by containing only one handy game. 

The mode in which you can play the color prediction game on the Genting Mall App is Emerd.

2. Genting Mall Refer & Earn – Genting Mall refer & earn is no different from other apps’ referral programs. The Genting Mall refer & earn feature is so handy if you use it correctly.

If you bring good referrals to the Genting Mall app, then you can earn a good amount of money for yourself. The Genting Mall app also contains three levels of earning income which is the best feature of the Genting Mall App to earn money on the Genting Mall App.

3. Sign-In Bonus – The Genting Mall app does not give any registration bonus to its users. But don’t worry, the Genting Mall app gives a sign-in bonus to their users which users can claim daily to earn more money on the Genting Mall app.

4. Genting Mall Customer Care Number – The Genting Mall app provides customer support to its users as well. But right now Genting Mall customer support is only available on their app and the Genting Mall customer care number is not available.

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