10 Ways To Get Paid to Watch Videos | Without Investment

Wanna get paid to watch videos online? The sites offer to pay users to watch videos. On the face, it seems like a scam but it’s not.

Many people prefer video content over text-based content. And why not video can elaborate everything better.

Video is the future and we are experiencing it. Youtube is the 2nd most popular website and it’s still booming.

Not only Youtube, but Videos are also booming on Facebook and Instagram as well.

But you’ll not get paid to watch videos on these platforms.

So what’s the solution?

There are literally dozens of websites that pay you to watch videos. You are about to discover a number of sites where you can get paid to watch videos.

The best thing is you don’t need to invest a cent to earn money with this method.

Are you excited to know about the sites? I am too.

Let’s just dive in…

Earn Money Watching Videos

Yeah, you can earn money while having fruit juice like the above image.

What are the Requirements to Earn Money Watching Videos?

Do you think you need a full setup to earn money watching videos?

If you think so you’re wrong my friend.

You only need some basic gadgets that you might be already using.

Here are the requirements for earn money watching videos.

  1. Normal PC
  2. Smartphone
  3. A Paypal Account
  4. An Email Account
  5. Internet Connection
  6. Bank Account

You can complete offers from your smartphone as well. But it’s better to use a PC if you have one.

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10 Ways To Get Paid To Watch Videos

It’s true, and there are many sites where you can earn money watching videos as well as a number of other ways.

I will give you a list of the 10 best websites to make money watching videos.

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#1 Swagbucks

 Get Paid to Watch Videos: Swagbucks

Swagbucks was founded in 2008. It is a subsidiary of Prodege, LLC.

Swagbucks is the most popular rewards program platform. It will pay you for completing surveys, playing games, watching videos, cashback through cashback.

You will earn Swagbucks points (SB) for completing the offers. Swagbucks says you can make $50-$200 per month.

100 SB points are equivalent to $1 USD in rewards.

Payout Options – Paypal, Payoneer, Amazon

Refer and Earn – 10% of your referrals income

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#2 PrizeRebel

 Get Paid to Watch Videos:  Prizerebel

PrizeRebel is a survey panel platform. Headquarter in California, the company was founded in 2007. It is known as a survey site. But you can also earn for watching videos, downloading apps, shopping, free trial, etc.

Payout Options – Paypal, Amazon

Refer and Earn – A 15% bonus based on your referrals earnings!

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#3 ySense

 Get Paid to Watch Videos: ySense

Founded in 2007, ySense is another popular online rewards platform. It also comes from the house of Prodge, LLC.

There are multiple options available to earn on the ySense like downloading apps, watching videos, completing surveys, etc.

Payout Options – Paypal, Amazon, Skrill, Payoneer, Amazon

Refer and Earn – Signup commission of $0.10 or $0.30 + upto 30 % activity commission.

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#4 MyPoints

 Get Paid to Watch Videos:  MyPoints

MyPoints was founded in 1996. It is part of  Prodege, LLC.

You can earn money for completing surveys, watching videos, shopping, downloading apps, etc.

You will get $10 as sign-up bonus.

Payout Options – Paypal, Walmart, Starbucks, Amazon, etc.

Refer and Earn – You will earn 750 Points when your friend  makes a merchant purchase of at least $20

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#5 InboxDollars

 Get Paid to Watch Videos:  Inboxdollars

InboxDollars is an online reward platform. Since its inception in 2000, it had paid over $80 million.

There are multiple ways to earn on InboxDollars like playing games, reading emails, taking online surveys, online shopping, and watching videos.

For signing up, you will be rewarded with $5. You can withdraw your earnings when you reached $30.

Payout Options – Paypal, Amazon, Walmart & many more

Refer and Earn – Earn $1.00 per referral up to 5 referrals + 30% of your referral earnings.

#6 iRazoo

 Get Paid to Watch Videos:  iRazoo

iRazoo.com is one of the web’s most popular rewards platforms. You can earn for playing games, completing offers, watching videos, downloading apps.

Payout Options – Paypal, Amazon, iTunes

Refer and Earn – You’ll get 100-500 points when your referrals earn at least 1,000. And referrals get 500 points for accepting referrals.

#7 Earnably

 Get Paid to Watch Videos:  Earnably

Earnably is another get paid to watch videos platform. The platform also pays for completing simple tasks and answering surveys. It’s one of the popular sites to make money watching videos.

The minimum redemption amount is only $1.

Payout Options – Amazon, Paypal, Facebook, Xbox

Refer and Ear – You’ll get 10% of your referrals earnings.

#8 Insta GC

 Get Paid to Watch Videos:  Insta GC

InstaGC is a rewarding platform owned by All non-Day Online Solutions, LLC.

You can earn points for completing surveys, watching videos watching, shopping online, searching the web.

You will get 10 points for signing up.

Refer and Earn – 10 points + 10% of your friend’s earning

Payout Options – Paypal, Amazon, Burger King, eBay. Google Play. Paypal, iTunes, etc.

#9 CreationsRewards

 Get Paid to Watch Videos: Creationsrewards

CreationsRewards was founded 22 years ago in the year 2000. The platform pays for daily surveys, watching videos, online shopping, visits websites, offers walls.

You will get a $5 signup bonus, to claim it you have to earn at least 5,000 points within 60 days of signing up.

You need at least 1,000 ($5) points to withdraw your earnings.

Payout Option – Paypal, Amazon, Walmart

Refer and Earn -10% of your referrals earnings for a lifetime.

#10 FusionCash

 Get Paid to Watch Videos:  Fusioncash

Fusioncash is the last site to get paid to watch videos online. It allows users to earn by watching videos, completing surveys, downloading apps, etc

You will get $5 as sign-up bonus.

The minimum withdrawal amount is $25.

Payout Options – Paypal, Direct Deposits

Refer and Earn – You will earn $1 when a referral confirms their email, $2 when they complete a Paid to Sign Up offer, and $5 each time they initiate a withdrawal.

Some sites may not be available in your country.

If you live in the USA, there’s good news all the above sites are available in the USA.

How Much Money Can I Earn Watching Videos?

It depends on so many things. If you are from tier 1 countries and you do it in your free time, you can make $2-$10 per day.

Can I Get Paid For Watching Videos?

Fortunately, Yes you can get paid for watching videos. But not all videos. First, you have to register on the above sites then you can see the available offers.

How Can I Earn Money By Watching Youtube Videos?

First, all you need is to register on the above sites. Then confirm your mail and complete your profile. So you will get more offers.

How To Earn Money By Watching Youtube Video?

The simple answers you can’t make money for watching Youtube videos. If you watch videos on Youtube, only the YouTubers earn money.

So stop dreaming about get paid to watch youtube videos.

if you want to make money through Youtube, you have to be a Youtuber. 


These are some of the best get paid to watch videos platform. I’ve listed plenty of such sites so that you can make the most of your spare time.

How much do you get paid for watching videos on Youtube, Facebook, Instagram, and other social media?

The answer is Zero. I am not saying that don’t use these platforms or they are bad. Don’t overdo it.

But with these sites, you can make a decent amount of money. It’s better than scrolling through useless posts on Social Media.

If you work consistently you can make a good amount of money than those who don’t do it consistently.

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