How Carryminati’s New Video Destroyed TikTok App? 3.2 Rating

Carryminati’s recent video became a nightmare for TikTok Because It has dropped TikTok ratings from 4.6 to 3.2. It will affect TikTok terrible. It is all because Carryminati’s recent video, which was on TikTok, got removed by Youtube because of their “Harassment And Bullying Policy”. After removal of video, his fans got offended, and they reported TikTok and degraded TikTok ratings. When video got removed #justiceforcarry was also trending no.1 on Twitter.

How Carryminati’s New Video Destroyed TikTok App? 3.2 Rating

Who is Carryminati?


Carryminati is a 20-year-old youtuber. He is from Faridabad, and his real name is Ajey Nagar. He is a Roaster, Gamer, and Commentator as well. He is known for his Roasting. He has over 17 Million Subscribers Currently. He has also made a diss track on Pewdipie by the name of ”Bye Pewdipie”.

Youtube vs TikTok Drama

Amir Siddiqui is a well-known TikToker with over 3 Million Followers on TikTok. He makes comedy videos on TikTok. He is from Mumbai.

Amir Siddiqui
Amir Siddiqui

Amir Siddiqui is the starting point of this whole drama. He made a video on Instagram in which he was comparing TikTok with YouTube with some baseless points like how TikTokers are better than Youtubers because they upload a higher number of videos than Youtubers, which is senseless because YouTube videos are longer than TikTok videos. An average TikTok video is just about 15 seconds. Saiman Says, who is also a Youtuber, was the first who made a reply video to Amir Siddiqui. Saiman Says replied to him sensibly, logically, and sarcastically. You can watch Saiman’s video here.

After that, Carryminati released his video with the title “Youtube vs TikTok: The End” on May 8th. This video blew up exponentially in Youtube India. It got over 70 million views within a week and also got over 10 million likes. By this insane amount of likes this video became most liked video in Youtube India. In this video, Carryminati was roasting Amir Siddiqui because he was comparing Youtube with TikTok with some baseless points.

A week after uploading video, Carryminati’s video got taken down by YouTube because the video violated their “Harrasment and Bullying Policy”. Maybe because he used terms like “beti“, “200 rupee mai mithai ki dukan pe bik jayega“. Nobody knows exact reason though. After all, his fans got so offended that they started spaming 1 star rating to TikTok. His fan made about 3 – 4 million ratings to TikTok. which is insanely bad for TikTok’s reputation.

Although In my opinion This wasn’t a good step by YouTube because 70 Million people have already watched this video. So it doesn’t make any sense removing this video now and also you can find a lot of copies of his video on YouTube.

Carryminati’s Reply

Carryminati Tweeted and talked about his video condition. He told that his video can’t be restored. This is the last decision by YouTube. He also mentioned that how his video had become most liked video in YouTube India and how his video was about to become most liked non-music on YouTube as well, and also he thanked to all his subscribers for watching his video.

Amir Siddiqui Reply

Amir Siddiqui again made a video giving reply to all creators who had made a video on him. In this video he talked about how people cyberbully TikTokers online. People use terrible words against TikTokers and abuse TikTokers. He told that this isn’t right abusing TikTokers just because they make videos on a platform that they don’t like. He just wanted to call out people who makes bad jokes on TikTokers. He also called out Carryminati by saying that he should‘ve stood against people who abuse TikTokers on the name of Roasting but instead he misleaded his audience in the same way and gave fuel to fire.

The points he talked about in his video are right because this isn’t right abusing someone just because they make videos on TikTok. Read our previous blog on Whatsapp Pay.

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