How to combine your passion for sport with an opportunity to make money?

Do you wake up feeling nervous because you know that today is your team’s day to play? For you, a game is more than supporting a team, is it about evaluating strategy and predicting results? Do you study with pleasure who the players are, the history of the opposing teams or the CVs of the coaches? Would you like to earn money and emotion watching and discussing games with friends and strangers?

If you see yourself in any of these questions then it’s time to combine your passion with the opportunity to receive extra income with Bettilt, an online bookmaker. It is accessible anytime, any day, anywhere. It has an application for mobile phones where it’s easy to get started, free, very intuitive, fun and varied.

Benefits of watching sport

But before helping you to get to know this platform better, let’s share with you why to invest in your passion for watching sports!

Firstly, if you are an athlete, watching sport being practiced can help you to improve your performance, theory allows you to learn a lot, but there is nothing like watching it happen, learning from good models or even from the mistakes of others, which our brain absorbs this information which will be useful in the field. We can watch with greater concentration or attention to detail because we are the ones who choose and control the environment we are in and the company.

Secondly, watching sports allows us to access a space of emotional expression, to leave our reality and routine to experience the adrenaline of others, an escape or parallel world in which you free yourself from the boredom of everyday life and are in the arena experiencing another life. Dealing with feelings of frustration and defeat or of achievement and overcoming allows for emotional growth and development with a healthy distance to a more manageable intensity.

Thirdly, there is a sense of belonging, a real connection with friends with whom you share a sofa and a few beers or a digital connection with people from all over the world who, among so many differences, join in rooting for the same team, an opportunity to make new connections and learn from the insights of others.

Lastly, the mental health benefits, releasing stress, energy and emotion, helps us feel more motivated and happy, because the body has more dopamine and adrenaline, which manifests itself in feelings of satisfaction and excitement, respectively.

What is Bettilt

Present in the digital market, Bettilt is an online platform for sports betting and casino games. In addition to being attractive due to the free application and due to a guarantee of privacy and data security for users, Bettilt has attractive bonuses for those interested in creating an account in this application.

What sports are included on this platform? Football, basketball, tennis, cricket, volleyball, ice hockey, baseball, handball, Australian football, American football, futsal, formula 1, table tennis, badminton, rugby, boxing, cycling, among many others, totaling 29 sports.

About application

Simple to install and free of charge, it is a very intuitive application, optimized for the user, including those who are less used to using this type of digital tools, also offering extremely useful and real-time customer support. It can be used in the comfort of home, thus standing out for the independence and mobility it offers to the bettor. The application allows you to bet live, increasing the adrenaline and excitement of playing in real time, with the most competitive odds on the international market.

Start making money with Bettilt

Do you already have the application installed? So, the first step is to register in the application (by clicking on the button saying ”Register”), then choose a username and indicate your email, phone number and chosen password. To complete the registration, you must comply with the terms and conditions of Bettilt India and, finally, activate the account using the code you will receive by sms. Payments on Bettilt can be made via Multibanco, Bank Transfer, Electronic Wallets and Credit Cards.

Predict your team results with results for your wallet!

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