Ludo Ninja APK Download | Earn ₹500 In Ludo Ninja Lite App

Remember those days when people used to play Ludo on cardboard? In our free time, we used to play the Ludo game. This is the story of almost all Indian households.

Now all things have changed. We are living in a world where things are becoming digital day by day.

People are spending more time on their Smartphones. Although most people waste their time on smartphones. But you can do something different than others.

ludo ninja apk download

You might already know that you can play Ludo on your Smartphone. But do you know that you can also earn money by playing Ludo?

If you are already playing any Ludo gaming app, it’s time to change your Ludo app. 

I recommend that you try the Ludo Ninja app once. You will like this app for sure. It’s a No Dice Ludo Game.

The Ludo Ninja app is paying money to play Ludo. It’s a new Ludo app, you should try it once.

In this particular post, I am going to share how you can earn money by playing Ludo Ninja. If you already visited this blog you might know I share only trusted money-earning apps. 

Recently I found this amazing app and tried it. I thought I should share this app with you. I am going to also share the Ludo Ninja APK download link.

Let’s see how’s the Ludo Ninja earning app.

App NameLudo Ninja
APK Size37 MB
APK Version1.22
Signup Bonus₹10

Ludo Ninja App Download

The Ludo Ninja APK is not available on the Play Store. But the good news is, you can download the Ludo Ninja latest version.

Just visit Ludo Ninja’s official website for the Ludo Ninja APK download link. Now tap on the download app.

After downloading the Ludo Ninja APK new version, install it on your Smartphone.

If you are looking for the Ludo Ninja old version, you can check on the APK Pure.

There’s bad news for iPhone users. The app is still not available for the iOS platform. I hope they will soon launch it for iOS as well. I will update once the Ludo Ninja download for iOS becomes available.

I have shared some top Ludo apps to earn money.

What is Ludo Ninja App

Ludo Ninja is a No Dice Ludo Game. Read it again. Yeah, you have read it right. No Dice Ludo.

This amazing app is owned by Cashgrail Private Limited and developed by the popular gaming app Zupee Gold. Which is also the owner of Ludo Supreme Gold.

There are no apps like Ludo Ninja.

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Features Of Ludo Ninja

Here are some of the features of the Ludo Ninja game.

  1. Play Ludo 24/7.
  2. Quickest Gameplay.
  3. New Format. No Dice Game.
  4. Bank Withdrawal Available.
  5. Easy KYC Procedure.

Ludo Ninja Lite Apk Download

Assuming you have a lower version of the smartphone and your storage is full. Then don’t worry! You can download the Ludo Ninja lite apk. The Ludo Ninja lite apk is smaller in size. Ludo Ninja lite is also compatible with lower Android devices.

Click on the button below to download the Ludo Ninja lite apk.

Ludo Ninja Old Version

You can download the old version of the Ludo Ninja apk by clicking the button below. 

Ludo Ninja New Version

I have shared the download link for the old version of the Ludo Ninja apk. Although, I will recommend you to download the new version of the Ludo Ninja apk. Click the button below to download the latest version of the Ludo Ninja apk.

How to Register on Ludo Ninja & Get Rs.10?

You will get a flat Rs.10 for registering on this app. The amount is 100% usable to play Ludo. So you will get Ludo Ninja free entry.

Now follow these steps to register.

#Step 0: Download the app from the Ludo Ninja game download link.

#Step 1: After installing the Ludo Ninja APK, open the app.

#Step 2: Now enter your mobile number and verify it. Once you verify it, you will get an Rs.10 bonus.

#Step 3: Tap on the Settings icon and then on Redeem Referral Code. Enter this Ludo Ninja referral code – 70XXXANDK2.

When you register on this app, a welcome video will be played. Make sure to watch that.

How to Play Games on Ludo Ninja App?

As you say, the format in Ludo Ninja is new. You have to understand the game. There are no Dice in this game. There will be 24 moves. All numbers are the same for each player. You will get 4 each (1 to 6).

  1. Just open the Ludo Ninja and tap on Play Online.
  2. Here you can see many types of Games like 1v1 battles, 3 winners, 2 winners, and 1 winner. Choose your preferred game.
  3. Tap on confirm and start playing the game.

You can see it will be fun to play on Ludo Ninja real money app.

Games On Ludo Ninja App

The games available on the Ludo Ninja are only ludo-based games. But there are two different types of ludo games available on the Ludo Ninja apk.

1. Ludo Ninja – Ludo ninja is dice less ludo game. You will be given numbers before starting the game. You have to move your pieces according to the numbers given. Whoever has the highest points after completing all the moves will win the cash.

2. Ludo Turbo – The Ludo turbo is another game available on the Ludo Ninja app. The ludo turbo is a dice-based format. It is similar to the simple ludo game. In ludo turbo whoever has the highest points after completing the game will win the cash.

Want to play Ludo with Dice, check out Ludo supreme Gold.

Ludo Ninja Referral Code – 70XXXANDK2

Ludo Ninja Referral Code

Ludo Ninja referral code is – 70XXXANDK2. You can enter this invite code at the time of signing up on the Ludo Ninja app to get an Rs.10 signup bonus.

How to Add Money in Ludo Ninja?

After using the signup bonus. You need to add money to play Ludo. 

There are multiple coupons available. You will get cashback on deposits.

  1. First of all, log in to Ludo Ninja with Ludo Ninja login details.
  2. Once you logged in to the Ludo Ninja app, tap on the wallet icon.
  3. Tap on Add and enter the amount you want to load.
  4. Now tap on Add Money.
  5. Then choose your preferred payment method. You can use credit/debit cards, UPI, Net Banking, and Digital Wallets.
  6. Finally, make the payment.

First, try to play with small amounts. Once you start earning some money then you can load more.

After adding money just play Ludo Ninja online game and earn money.

How to Withdraw Your Earnings from Ludo Ninja App?

The first minimum withdrawal amount is Rs.1 and the second is Rs.60. 

You can withdraw your earnings to your bank account directly. I have tried bank withdrawal. The withdrawal is instant.

  • Open the Ludo Ninja again and tap on the wallet icon. Here you might see the winning amount.
  • Now tap on Withdraw. Enter your bank details or UPI ID. I have tried with PhonePe UPI ID.
  • Enter the amount and tap on Withdraw Money.

Ludo Ninja Refer and Earn 

You will get play and bonus money on your friends’ deposits. Here is how the referral system works.

  • If your friend deposits Rs.1-9, you will get Rs.5 play money and Rs.5 bonus money. The friend will get Rs.5 play money and Rs.10 bonus money.
  • If your friend deposits Rs.10, you will get Rs.10 play money and Rs.15 bonus money. The friend will get Rs.10 play money and Rs.20 bonus money.
  • If your friend deposits Rs.50, you will get Rs.20 play money and Rs.40 bonus money. The friend will get Rs.10 play money and Rs.20 bonus money.
  • If your friend deposits Rs.100+ you will get Rs.30 play money and Rs.70 bonus money. The friend will get Rs.30 play money and Rs.70 bonus money.

Share your Ludo Ninja referral code with your friends and earn money.

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Ludo Ninja Free

You can also play the Ludo Ninja game for free. You can join the Ludo Ninja free tournament and make your earnings without adding any cash.

Ludo Ninja Mod APK

There’s no working Ludo Ninja mod available. I know you will find many mods on blogs and YouTube. But trust me none of them work. They are just fooling people. 

So I suggest you play all games genuinely. Go to the official site and download the app from the Ludo Ninja earning app download link.

What is No Dice Ludo Game

Ludo Ninja introduces this unique concept called No Dice. Can you imagine Ludo without dice?

To be very honest I can’t imagine.

When I used this app for the first time, I was really amazed.

Now let’s see what is No Dice Ludo.

You don’t have to roll dice to play Ludo. I am not kidding. You are reading it right.

There will be 24 moves. All numbers are the same for each player. You will get 4 each (1 to 6).

You can plan the game and play.

Ludo Ninja Customer Care Number

The Ludo Ninja is an app owned by Crashgrail private limited. That’s why the customer care number is not available. I will share if I find the number.

Nevertheless, you can contact Ludo Ninja customer services in three ways.

Firstly you can contact them via email. The Ludo Ninja support email is [email protected].

Secondly, you can contact them through their app. You can open the Ludo Ninja app and go to the settings. In settings click on helpdesk. After that click on create a ticket and ask about any query.

Lastly, you can get Ludo Ninja customer services through telegram. Open the Ludo Ninja official telegram page and get customer services.

Ludo Ninja PC Download

Do you want to use Ludo Ninja on your PC? If yes then read this section carefully.

As you might know that we can’t install Android apps directly on a PC. Technically Ludo Ninja PC downloads are not possible.

So what’s the solution?

The solution is that you can do this with software called an emulator. Using any emulator you can use most Android apps on a PC.

There are many emulators like BlueStacks, Memu, LD Player, Nox Player, etc. I have used the BlueStacks it’s really good. And it is also the popular one.

It doesn’t matter if you are using Windows or Mac OS. BlueStack is available for both. You can download BlueStacks from the official site. Feel free to use any other emulator.

  • Just download the Emulator and install it on your PC.
  • Now download the Ludo Ninja APK from the link above.
  • Import the APK file on BlueStacks.
  • Enjoy Ludo Ninja on your PC.

Ludo Ninja Pros & Cons

Let’s take a look at the pros and cons.


  • Free Sign Up Bonus Worth Rs.10.
  • New concept No Dice Ludo game.
  • 24/7 Tournaments.


  • The app is not available in the Play Store.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Ludo Ninja app?

Ludo Ninja app is No Dice Ludo game. It allows users to play games Ludo games.

How do I download Ludo Ninja APK?

To download Ludo Ninja just head over to and download the Ludo Ninja APK.

Which country made Ludo Ninja?
It is made in India.

What is the owner of this app?
The app is owned by Cashgrail Private Limited.

Is it safe to add money to this app?
Yeah, it is safe as they use a secure payment method.

Why the Ludo Ninja app is not available in Play Store?

Google doesn’t allow cash contest apps in the Play Store. You will not find any cash contest apps in the Play Store.

Is Ludo Ninja legal?

Yes, it is legal. The game falls under skill-based games. And it is legal.

What is the Ludo Ninja minimum withdrawal?

The minimum withdrawal amount is Rs.60.

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I must say the Ludo Ninja app is unique. They built a different kind of system to play the games. You should definitely try it.

Now there are many Ludo apps out there. But Ninja has already positioned itself. If you already play Ludo games and not earning money from them. You can check Ludo earning apps.

Nowadays many apps are just copying each other. But the developer of this app tried something different which is the No Dice Ludo Game.

The app is launched by the same developer who launched Ludo Supreme and Zupee Gold. You can see all the app has a similar user interface.

Play Ludo Ninja Earn Money.

Share this app.

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