Paytm Cash Games: 10 Apps To Earn Free Paytm Cash

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Earning money for playing games, still some people think about how they can make money for playing games.

But you are not one of them. You already know that you can earn Paytm cash playing games.

That’s why you Google for Paytm cash games and you landed on this post.

Yeah, you can earn Paytm cash through Paytm cash games.

Anyone having a smartphone can earn money playing games through money earning games.

In this post, I am going to share the best Paytm cash earning games.

Let’s get started…

Paytm Cash Games

Can You Earn From Paytm Cash Games?

Yeah, it is possible to earn Paytm cash playing games. Now there are various money earning games that allow earning real money. And the games are damn easy to play.

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How Much Paytm Cash Can Earn For Playing Games?

How much you can make money playing games? The answer is it depends on so many things like 

  1. How much time you are spending on these apps?
  2. Which app are you using to play games?
  3. How much you are investing to play games? (Don’t invest a huge amount in the initial stage, start with small amounts.

Once you start using the app, you’ll learn all the things.

Requirements For Paytm Cash Earning Gaming Apps

What are the requirements for online games for earning money?
Let’s find out.

  • A Smartphone (Android or iOS)
  • Internet Connection
  • Paytm Wallet ( KYC Verified)

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Paytm Cash Games: 10 Apps To Earn Paytm Cash

You can find many apps Paytm cash games out there in the market. But all apps are legit, that’s the reason I am writing this post so you can find the best Paytm cash games to earn Paytm cash.

I have used some Paytm cash games and earned real money.

So let’s see the list.

#1 MPL

Paytm Cash Games: MPL App

MPL is the most popular app in the industry to earn free Paytm playing games. There are more than 60 games available in the app. You can play games like Fruit Chop, Fruit Dart, Carrom, Ludo, Pool, Bubble Shooter, Block Puzzle, Fruit Slice, Fanatsy Sports, and many more.

You can earn real money from games.

The app has a total of 9 cores users. MPL comes with 24/7 customer support.

I tried the app when it was pretty new.

Sign Up Bonus: Rs.75

Referral Bonus: Rs.75 per referral

Withdrawal Options: Paytm, Amazon Pay, Bank Account

Minimum Withdrawal: It depends upon your withdrawal limit. You can check it on the withdrawal option.

Available On: Android & iOS

#2 WinZO Gold

Paytm Cash Games: WinZO Gold

Owned by Tictok Skill Games Private Limited  WinZO is an e-Sport app. WinZO has 7 crores, active users. The app is available in 12 languages.

There are many online games to earn money. You can play 100+ games like Bubble Shooter,  Metro Surfer, Carrom, etc. You need to play games for Paytm cash.

 They distributed prizes of Rs.200 crore.

Sign Up Bonus: Rs.50

Referral Bonus: Rs.35 (Installation+deposit+Gameplay)

Withdrawal Option: Paytm, Bank Account

Minimum Withdrawal: Rs.3

#3 Paytm First Game

Paytm Cash Earning GamesApps: Paytm First Game

The Paytm First Game is owned by Paytm itself. The app was launched in 2018. Formerly it was known as Gamepind. Later it was rebranded in 2020. It’s Paytm money earning application by Paytm itself.

Now Sahin Tendulkar is the brand ambassador of this app.

The platform has more than 6 crore players.

Sign Up Bonus: Rs.50

Referral Bonus: Rs.20

Withdrawal Option: Paytm and Bank Account

Minimum Withdrawal: Rs.10-100000 per day.

The app is not available in Play Store. Just download the Paytm cash game APK and start earning.

#4 Big Cash

Earn Paytm Cash Playing Games: Big Cash

The Big Cash is another gaming platform. It is owned by the Witzeal Technologies Pvt, Ltd.

There are many exciting games like Knife Hit, Bulb Smash, Egg Toss, Basket Ball, and Ice Blaster, & more games.

They have 2 crore happy games registered on the platform.

Sign Up Bonus: Rs.50

Referral Bonus: Rs.30 + 25% revenue share on your friend’s game.

Withdrawal Options: Paytm & Bank Account.

Minimum Withdrawal: Rs.50

#5 Gamezy

Gamezy is a known well-known fantasy sports app. But apart from fantasy, you can also play other games like Ludo, Carro, Snake & Ladder, Run Boy Run, Monster Truck, etc.

On the first-ever deposit, you will get a 125% cash bonus of up to Rs.18,750 + Rs.500.

Sign Up Bonus: Rs.50

Referral Bonus: Up to Rs.12,516 per referral

Withdrawal Option: Paytm & Bank Account

Minimum Withdrawal: Rs.25

#6 PlayerzPot

PlayerzPot To Earn Money Playing Games

You can play games like Ludo, Carrom, Fantasy Sports, Stalky Bird, etc. on PlayerPot. The gaming app is trusted by over 1 crore users. Along with games, you can also play quizzes on the app.

You can choose from 100+ contests every day.

Sign Up Bonus: Rs.50

Referral Bonus: Rs.50 bonus for installation + 2% of referral plays up to Rs.1500 per referral.

Minimum Withdrawal: Rs.150

#7 Skill Clash

Play Games On Skill Clash App To Earn Paytm Cash

Skill Clash is an e-sport platform. Here you can play multiple games like Tic-Tac-Toe, Boulder Blast, Bubble Shoot, Archery Champs, Blazing Blades, Bowling Star, etc.

The gaming platform has 1.5 crore users.

Sign Up Bonus: Rs.10

Referral Bonus: Rs.20 per referral.

Withdrawal Option: Paytm & Bank Account.

#8 Zupee Gold

Paytm Cash Earning Games: Zupee Gold

Zupee Gold is an online multiplayer gaming app Cashgrail Private Limited is the owner of Zupee. Now it has over 2 crore downloads. You can play games 24/7.

I used the app when it was new in the market and earned money.

Sign Up Bonus: Rs.10

Referral Bonus: Rs.10 Per Referral

Minimum Withdrawal: Rs.10

#9 Ludo Ninja

Earn Money Playing Games On Ludo Ninja

The Ludo Ninja is owned by the same company that owns Zupee Cashgrail Private Limited. Have you heard about the no-dice ludo game?

Ludo Ninja is a no-dice ludo game. This is a unique ludo game. You can play Ludo tournaments game 24/7.

Sign Up Bonus: Rs.10

Referral Bonus: Up to Rs.100 on your friend’s deposits

Minimum Withdrawal: First withdrawal is Re.1, after that Rs.60.

#10 EWar

Earn Free Paytm Cash On EWar App

Last but not least EWar, EWar is a gaming platform where you can play games and earn free Paytm cash. There are more than 25 games available in the app. It’s among the new Paytm cash games.

EWar has over 5 million users.

Sign Up Bonus: 

Referral Bonus: Rs.12 per referral.

Minimum Withdrawal: Rs.10

#11 Hungama

Hungama is an online earning money game. You can earn real money playing games. The app is developed by Hungama Digital Media Entertainment Pvt. Ltd.

There are many exciting games like Color Marbles, Archer March, Arche March, Jumpy Pig, Pop The Ice, Dunk Hit, Connecting Dots, Boller, & Math Tetris.

Sign Up Bonus: Rs.10

Referral Bonus: Rs.5

Minimum Withdrawal: Rs.5

#12 Mini Joy

Mini Joy is another gaming app. It allows users to earn money playing games.

Just install the app and start earning money.

The app is only available for Android.

Sign Up Bonus: Rs.51

Referral Bonus: Rs.39

Minimum Withdrawal: Re.1

#13 Qureka

Qureka is a quiz game app. You can earn money play quizzes. There are various quizzes available like GK, Math, Sports, Business, History, Cricket, and many more. You get 90 seconds to play each hourly quiz.

You can play quizzes from 9 AM to 9 PM.

Sign Up Bonus: Rs.5

Referral Bonus: Rs.5

Minimum Withdrawal: Rs.50

#14 mGamer

mGamer is an online earning app. You can earn money playing games. Not only this, but you can also earn through completing surveys, watching videos, etc.

Sign Up Bonus: 100 coins

Referral Bonus: 200 coins + 10% of your friend’s earnings

Minimum Withdrawal: 1,000 coins (1,000 coins = Rs.10)

#15 GameGully

GameGully is a gaming app. Here you can find money earning online games and earn money. There are various games like Bubble Shooter, Knife Hit, Shape Swipe, Zoom Racer, etc.

Sign Up Bonus:

Referral Bonus:

Minimum Withdrawal: Rs.5

Tips To Earn Paytm Cash Earning Games Without Investment

You can earn money by playing games without investment.

But here are some tips from my experience you can use.

#1 Use Sign Up Bonus: Almost every app will give you a signup bonus to play a few games. What you can do is, just use the signup bonus to play games and earn money. Then reinvest the earned money to more play games. That way you don’t need to invest money from your pocket.

#2 Use Referral Bonus: Similar to signup bonuses these apps have referral programs. Refer to these apps as much as you can to earn a referral bonus. Although some apps don’t allow us to use the full referral bonus to play games. Still, it can help you to use to get some benefits.

#3 Use Multiple Apps: No need to invest money if you use multiple gaming apps.

Let’s say you are MPL and used to signup and referral bonus to play games. Now you need to invest money to play games.

 In this case, install another Paytm cash earning app. For example, now install WinZO and use the signup bonus.

Repeat the process with other apps. This easy you will earn some money. Now you can use this money to play games on the apps. So you will not have to invest money from your pocket.


How can I earn Paytm cash daily?

You can earn daily if you play daily.

Which games give real Paytm cash?

All these apps pay Paytm cash. All you have to do is play games and earn.

Paytm Cash Games: Conclusion

These are some of the best Paytm cash games. I hope now you can earn free Paytm through 

I have tried some of the apps when they were launched and earned money from them. If you take my opinion don’t invest your earned money. 

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