How To Prepare Your Skills For The Remote Future Of Work

Future of work

The future of work is set to be a dynamic time period never seen before throughout history. Specifically, the recent Covid-19 pandemic has sparked a shift toward a heavier reliance on technology. This is not a bad shift, but it has simply been accelerated due to the pandemic. All industries of work are being disrupted by technology and the ways by which they are changing can be difficult to predict.

Therefore, preparing your skills for every inevitability of this technological future is one of the best courses of action anybody can take today. You should never assume that your skillset is completely updated. Instead, focus on obtaining the skills and knowledge needed to survive the disruption that is on the horizon and steadily approaching. Here are a few key ways to accomplish this goal:

Find A Trade School Near You

In the last few years, there has been a gradual trend within society in regard to trade schools. More and more people are beginning to accept trade schools as a viable source of education, which is resulting in higher attendance rates. In fact, reports from the James G. Martin Center for Academic Renewal show that trade school attendance is now past 14 million, a number that rivals traditional college and university attendance rates.

Trade schools are similar to traditional education in that they teach students the skills needed to enter a career. The only difference is that trade schools feature a more specialized education, rather than broad courses. For perspective, General Assembly is a popular option that offers courses ranging from data science to digital marketing. 

These trade schools are great for anyone who currently has a full-time job as well, due to the fact that they offer online courses and cheaper tuition as a whole. Some trade schools are even willing to defer payments until you are able to make them, which makes them a more appealing option overall. To attend a trade school, check out Job Training Hub to find one near you today.

Consider Attending a Coding Bootcamp

Another fantastic way to prepare your skills for the future of work is to attend a coding bootcamp. Coding and programming are two skills that have emerged within the last decade and proved to be invaluable to the future of work. Obtaining these skills now and developing a proficiency in one or more coding languages could set you apart from any competition.

However, you may be wondering about what exactly a coding bootcamp is. In short, it’s an expedited form of education that solely teaches you how to code in a certain language. This quicker form of education applies more to quick learners, but anyone can sign up for a coding bootcamp if they wish to learn.

As a current employee, attending a coding bootcamp on the side is a valuable way to spend any free time you may have. Something as simple as learning Python or JavaScript may incentive your employer to keep you around should your industry be disrupted by technology. An added benefit is that most coding bootcamps are relatively cheap for the quality of education you receive.

Follow Tech Trends Closely

The final tip for keeping your skills sharp for the future of remote work is to follow modern trends. Right now, all the trends we are seeing in the workforce have to do with rapidly advancing technology. In the future, it’s unclear what those trends may be, so following them closely by watching what students are studying can help prepare you for the future before anyone else.

As for trends you can focus on studying today, anything to do with coding is extremely smart. Don’t just attempt to learn a coding language, but study the languages themselves. For example, learn what Python is used for and not just how to code in Python. Doing this can give you background knowledge that few job applicants may bring to the table.


There’s no guarantee that the skills you develop will be applicable to the future of work. However, that shouldn’t stop you from attempting to develop the most prominent skills displayed in the workforce today. There’s no shame in being in an industry that will be heavily disrupted by technology, but you have the choice to either succumb to that disruption or grow with it. Choosing the latter can yield a lucrative and long-lasting career.

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