Recharge For Free Trick | Best Apps For Paytm Cash And Recharge

Recharge for free trick
Recharge for free trick
Recharge for free trick

There are tons of recharge for free trick on the internet. You can recharge for free by working a little and you can also earn Paytm Cash using these recharge for free trick. I will tell you a lot of tricks that you can use to recharge and to earn Paytm cash as well. There are some websites and apps that can be used to do free recharges. These websites and apps are very famous and Genuine. You can use these websites and apps with any tension of scam. But remember, you have to work on them or probably refer to some of your friends to earn money for your recharge and Paytm.

You also don’t have to spend any money on these websites and apps. These all are free to use. You just need an android phone and a stable internet connection after that you are ready to go.

Recharge For Free Trick Using Apps

These apps on this list are Genuine and paying, and all are tested by me. You can download them without any issue. Let’s begin our recharge for free trick using apps. Here is the list –

1. 4Fun

You can earn a lot of Paytm Cash using 4fun App. Then you can recharge your number in Paytm App. You will get ₹50 on sign up. To earn money in 4Fun app, you just have to watch some videos and if you want to earn more, then you can also refer your friends. 4Fun gives you ₹7 for every successful refer. Here is a guide to how to download 4Fun App.

Step 1 – First download 4Fun app by clicking the link.

Click Here to Download

Step 2 – Open the link in the browser and click on Install to see more Button to download the app.

4Fun App
Click on Install to see more

Step 3 – Now Play store will open, click on Install button in the play store.

Step 4- After downloading App, open the app, now you will get ₹50 in your 4Fun app.

Step 5- Now sign up in the app, you can sign up using a phone number, Gmail account and Facebook. choose one option.

Sign up

That’s it, now you can earn Paytm cash and recharge your phone.

2. CashBoss App

CashBoss is a good Recharge for free trick app. You can recharge your number using CashBoss App and you can also transfer your earning to the Paytm Account. CashBoss is a very old app, and this app is still paying till date. This is very genuine and trustworthy. To earn money in this app, you have to download some apps and you can also refer to your friends. CashBoss gives you ₹5 for every refer. There is a spin and win option in this app, using that you can earn a good amount of money using that. Here is a guide to download this app –

Step 1 – Cashboss App Link-

Click here to Download

Step 2 – Now Play store will open, click on install button and download this app.

Step 3 – Open CashBoss App, enter your mobile number and refer code.


CashBoss App
Enter mobile number and refer code

That’s it, now you can download apps in Cashboss App and earn money. You can also use Spin and win option in menu.

3. BigCash App

Another recharge for free trick is BigCash App. BigCash is a gaming app. You can earn a good amount of Paytm cash in BigCash app by playing games. BigCash also gives ₹15 per refer, which is highest among other apps. This app has a lot of games like- rummy, cricket, fantasy cricket, and a lot more. Download Bigcash app-

Step 1 – Download BigCash app from this link-

Click here to download

Step 2 – Now download page will open in the browser, Click on Download App button.

BigCash app
Click on download app

Step 3 – Now download the apk package and install it.

Step 4 – After installing, Open the app and it will ask for login. Click on login with Facebook Button.

login with facebok

Step 5 – Now enter your Facebook id and password. You are logged in now.

That’s it now you will get ₹10. you can play games and refer friends to earn more money.

Recharge For Free Trick Using Websites

Same like apps you can also recharge your number and earn Paytm cash using websites. These websites are genuine and also paying. You can earn a good amount on these websites and you can earn a lot more if you refer your friends. This recharge for free trick can work for you very well if you do it properly. Here are the websites –

1. is a very new gaming website. You can earn Paytm cash on this website by playing simple games. The games on this website are very easy to play, you can learn them in a single day. This is a very good recharge for free trick website. Guide to sign up –

Step 1 – First open this link in browser –

Click here to open website

Step 2 – After opening, will ask your phone number. Just enter your phone number.
Enter your phone number

Step 3 – After entering your phone number, Click on Next button.

Step 4 – Now enter your name and username. you’re done.

Now you can earn money playing games on this website.

2. PayBox Website

Paybox is a very old website. This website is a good recharge for free trick website. Paybox is a gaming website. You can trust on this website because I have tested it personally. It also pays on time. You can earn Paytm cash using Paybox and then you can recharge in Paytm as well. Here is a guide on how to sign up on the Paybox website

Step 1 – First open Paybox website in your browser using this link –

Click here to open paybox

Step 2 – Now Paybox will open and click on sign up Button in the top right corner of the page.

Paybox Website
Click on sign up button

Step 3 – After clicking on sign up, you have to login with your google account.

login with google

Step 4 – Now you have to enter your phone number and details. Enter all the details it asks and you’re done now.

Isn’t it a good recharge for free trick? Now you can earn Paytm cash on this website by quizzes and games.

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