Spin And Win Paytm Cash | Earn ₹1000 By Spinning

spin and win paytm cash
spin and win paytm cash

Today, in this blog I will tell you about some awesome Apps, where you can spin and win Paytm cash. In these Apps, you just spin a wheel and you can win some incredible amount of Paytm cash.

1. Winzo Gold App₹10 Sign Up BonusDownload Now
2. BigCash App₹10 Sign Up BonusDownload Now
3. Rozdhan App₹50 Sign Up BonusDownload Now
4. Qureka Pro App₹10 Sign Up BonusDownload Now
5. CashBoss App₹5 Sign Up BonusDownload Now

I am going to tell you about 5 Apps. Two of them include spin and win Paytm cash feature and the other 3 Apps have some other incredible features.

You can earn by checking-in, referring, watching ads and videos, watching and downloading WhatsApp status in these Apps. You will also get money on creating an account on these Apps.

All the apps in this list are legit and personally used by me. Some of them pay you instantly and some take time to process the withdrawal process. 

You can use the spin and earn Paytm cash feature in these Apps daily. All Apps allow you to use spin and win Paytm cash feature daily. 

Tip – Download all the Apps on this list to earn more Paytm cash.

1. Winzo Gold App

spin and earn paytm cash app
spin and earn paytm cash app

Winzo Gold App is a really popular gaming App. This App has a large variety of games on it. You can also spin and win Paytm cash daily in this App.

You can also play fantasy cricket games on this App. In this IPL season, you can use this App and win Paytm cash. This app has a lot of other options as well to spin and earn Paytm cash.

Just like Qureka Pro App, this App also provides instant withdrawals through Paytm and UPI. Although they cut withdrawal fees on every withdrawal, which is around 10 percent.

Per refer Winzo gives you ₹5 and ₹10 on sign up. If you have an audience then you can earn a good amount of Paytm cash by referring this App.

Install Winzo Gold App

Step 1 – Download Winzo Gold App by clicking on this Button.

Step 2 – Now install the Winzo Gold App and then sign up in the App using your mobile number.

Step 3 – After sign up, play any game in the Winzo Gold App.

After playing the game you will get your sign up bonus and now you can spin and win Paytm cash online.

Pros Of Winzo Gold App

  • Very trusty and authentic application.
  • Superfast withdrawals through Paytm and Bhim UPI.
  • One of the best apps to spin and earn Paytm cash.
  • The minimum withdrawal is only ₹3.
  • A big inventory of games is available.

Cons Of Winzo Gold App

  • ₹5 on every referral which is very low compared to many other Apps.
  • Sign up bonus is also very moderate.

2. BigCash App

BigCash spin and earn paytm cash
spin and earn money

BigCash is a very popular gaming App. You probably already have heard its name before. BigCash also contains spin and win Paytm cash option. Where you can spin and earn money daily.

You can also play different types of games on the BigCash App. You can play Rummy, Poker, Cricket prediction games, and many types of other mini-games as well.

Note – Never add money in this App unless you are an expert in these kinds of games.

BigCash also has a great referral program. You can earn up to ₹20 on every referral.

BigCash has the best spin and win Paytm cash feature because you can win a lot by just spinning the wheel. You should definitely try BigCash App.

Install BigCash App

Step 1 – First of all, click here and download the App.

Step 2 – Download BigCash by clicking on the Download Now button on the browser.

Step 3 – After installing, log in with Facebook on the App.

Now you will get a free spin and ₹10 in your BigCash account as well.

Pros Of BigCash App

  • Free spin every day.
  • Instant withdrawals.
  • The minimum withdrawal is ₹50.
  • One of the best spin and win Paytm cash App.
  • Genuine and trusted App.
  • ₹20 per successful refer.
  • A lot of games are available to play.

Cons Of BigCash App

  • You can lose your money if you are willing to add money to BigCash.
  • Only ₹10 sign up bonus.

3. Rozdhan App

Rozdhan App
spin and win paytm cash online 2020

Refer Code – 0924LC

There are a lot of options available in the Rozdhan App to earn Paytm cash. You can read the news, watch ads, check-in, refer, etc to earn money.

Mainly Rozdhan is a news site. Although Rozdhan App does not have a spin and win Paytm cash feature, it has other cool options that you can use to earn extra Paytm cash.

Rozdhan App also gives you ₹50 on signup, which is pretty high. Rozdhan also gives ₹6 on every referral and for first refer they give you ₹8.

This App is very old and genuine also. They are paying for the last 3 – 4 years.

Install Rozdhan App

Step 1 – Click here and download the App.

Refer Code – 0924LC

Step 2 – After downloading Rozdhan App, sign up in App using your phone number.

Step 3 – Enter Refer Code – 0924LC

Read news and earn money. Check your Rozdhan account ₹50 has been credited.

Pros Of Rozdhan App

  • ₹50 signup bonus.
  • A lot of options to earn Paytm cash.
  • Very old and authentic App.
  • Multi-level refer system.

Cons Of Rozdhan App

  • It can take up to 10 days to withdraw your earnings.
  • The minimum withdrawal is ₹200.
  • Does not have a spin and win Paytm cash feature.

4. Qureka Pro App

spin and earn paytm cash
spin and earn paytm cash

Refer Code- A7686087

Qureka Pro App has a really great spin and win Paytm cash feature. You can also play games in the Qureka Pro App and by just playing some games you can earn a handsome amount of Paytm cash.

The spin and earn Paytm cash option in this app is not best but there are a lot of other ways as well to earn Paytm cash in this App. Like you can refer, play games, etc to earn money.

This App gives you ₹5 on every referral and ₹12 on the register. If you are good at playing games then you should definitely download this App. It is one of the best apps to spin and win Paytm cash.

Qureka Pro also provides you instant withdrawals through Paytm and UPI. You can withdraw your money as soon as you reach ₹10.

Install Qureka Pro App

Step 1 – Click on this button and download the Qureka Pro App.

Refer Code- A7686087

Step 2 – After installing the App, Enter your mobile number and Gmail id in the App.

Step3 – Now Enter the refer code. The refer code is – A7686087

That’s it. Now you can play games and earn Paytm cash by spinning the wheel.

Pros Of Qureka Pro App

  • Very old and popular earning App.
  • The minimum withdrawal is only ₹10.
  • Instant withdrawals through Paytm and UPI.
  • very trustworthy App.
  • One of the best apps to spin and earn Paytm cash.
  • A lot of games are available to play.

Cons Of Qureka Pro App

  • Sign up bonus is very low.
  • The referral bonus is also very low only ₹5.

5. CashBoss App

Cashboss earning through spins.
Earn through spinning wheel

Refer Code – B0035C

In CashBoss App, you can download other apps and earn Paytm cash. CashBoss also has spin and win Paytm cash feature. You can earn by simply spinning a wheel.

CashBoss App also has a lot of other offers as well. On every App you download or any offer you complete in CashBoss, they give you a free spin.

CashBoss App is a very old and legit App. They provide you instant withdrawals to your Paytm wallet and you can also do recharges with your earned money.

You can withdraw your earnings as soon as you reach ₹100. You can try the CashBoss app if you want to spin and earn Paytm cash.

Install CashBoss App

Step 1 – Click this button and download CashBoss App.

Refer Code – B0035C

Step 2 – After installing CashBoss App, enter your mobile number.

Step 3 – Now enter Refer Code – B0035C

Pros Of CashBoss App

  • An abundant amount of spins available.
  • Instant withdrawals.
  • Best spin and win Paytm cash App.
  • Trusted and personally used by me.

Cons Of CashBoss App

  • Only ₹5 signup bonus.
  • ₹5 per refer only.
  • The minimum withdrawal is ₹100.


BigCash has beaten all the other Apps on this list because it has a lot of cool features than other Apps. BigCash App has a spin and win Paytm cash feature also.

The spin and earn Paytm cash feature in BigCash is far better than other Apps because this App provides you a free spin every day.

The games in BigCash are also very easy to play. You can give a try to all of them.

The looser in this list is CashBoss App because this App has a lot of negative things. The biggest negative thing in this App is its referral system.

The minimum withdrawal in CashBoss App is ₹300. CashBoss App have a spin and win Paytm cash feature but it does not reward you much. The other features in CashBoss App are also not that good.

BigCash, CashBoss, Winzo Gold, Qureka Pro provide you hassle-free instant Paytm withdrawals. While Rozdhan gives you quick withdrawals within 1 – 5 days. Rozdhan App does not have a cool spin and win Paytm cash offer.

Rozdhan withdrawals can be late sometimes. While Rozdhan completes your payments within 5 days. Rozdhan App can also take up to 10 days to complete your withdrawal process.

If we talk about the referral system then BigCash wins in here as well. BigCash gives you ₹20 on refer. While no other App gives you this much reward on refer. If you want to earn Paytm cash through referrals then go for BigCash App.

That is why BigCash is one of the best spin and win Paytm cash App. CashBoss App gives you ₹5 on successful refer. Rozdhan gives you ₹6 on every referral. Winzo Gold and Qureka Pro give ₹5.

Spin and win Paytm cash is an inbuilt feature in these Apps. You can win a great amount by just spinning the wheel in these Apps. But it depends on luck, how much you earn.

You can earn up to ₹1000 and you can also earn nothing. It all depends on your fortune. But you are going to definitely earn something. There is something waiting for you.

Want more Paytm cash then you can also earn Paytm cash by watching videos. In these Apps, you just have to watch some videos to earn Paytm cash.

Interested in more Paytm cash earning Apps then you should also checkout our best Apps to earn Paytm cash blog.

Always keep in mind that you can’t earn thousands or lakhs from these or any App. If someone is telling you that you can earn that much do not believe him or her.

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Download all the apps on this list to get maximum benefits.

If you are willing to earn more Paytm cash then you can also read our blog on how to register and earn Paytm cash.

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