Lottery7 App Download | Register & Get ₹15 Bonus In APK

Lottery7 app is a newly launched colour prediction gaming app. 10 million plus Indian users have started earning their income by downloading this app. Along with your first login bonus, the first deposit bonus will also be given in the Lottery7 app. In all earning bonuses you can use it in your favorite colour prediction games.

You can get an extra cashback bonus reward on every recharge in the Lottery7 apk. Whether your payment is linked by you or your bank account details are completely safe and secure, don’t take tension about it. This app is a 100℅ real gaming app in which you will love to play games on HD screening.

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Extra Recharge Bonus In The Lottery7 App:

You know that the more amount you recharge your wallet, the more amount is added to your wallet. But let us tell you that whatever amount you recharge in the Lottery7 app, you will be given 10℅ extra of your recharge amount on every recharge.

lottery7 App

Which will remain added to your wallet. Continue recharge in 7 days to unlock this awesome feature in this apk. To get an extra recharge bonus, register now in this fantastic gaming app and take advantage of all the features.

How To Play The Lottery Colour Prediction Game In The Lottery7 App:

 Step 1: First of all open the lottery7 app on your smart device.

 Step 2: Many online lottery games will be available in front of you, select the one from which you can win in one minute.

Lottery7 Games

 Step 3: Now the page of the win-go lottery game will open in front of you.

 Step 4: Guess your prediction on any one of the three colours available in front of you which is red, green or violet.

 Step 5: Select the number with the same colour and place your bet.

 Step 6: After one minute time out, the result will appear, which colour you selected if it appears in the results, you have won this round.

 In this way, you can continue this colour prediction game.

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 At the end of this article we would like to tell you that whatever investment you make in the Lottery7 app, you should do it based on your risk-reward ratio. We are not responsible for any type of financial loss.

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