OkWin App Download | Register & Earn ₹150 In APK

You will get safe and stable India’s largest gaming platform with fast withdrawal in the Okwin App. After registering in the Okwin app, in future if you have forgotten your password then you can reset it easily which we are going to tell you in this article.

Along with your daily bonus, a member deposit bonus is also provided in the Okwin apk. There is no need to find this apk on Google Play Store, you can download it from its official website link. Whose link is given below.

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Daily Bonus And Member Deposit Bonus In The OkWin App:

By logging in daily in this app, you will get a daily login bonus. In this, you will just have to log in daily in this apk and claim your daily bonus reward.

Okwin App

This way you can earn one to seven days daily login bonus prizes. On the other hand, your daily login bonus is available along with your member deposit bonus is also available in this apk.

Through the invite and earn option, the more members join your app through the link sent by you, you will get a member deposit bonus along with per-person commission.

Okwin Bonuses

All these bonuses that you earn will remain in your Okwin APK wallet. You can use all the bonuses in any of your favourite games.

How To Reset Your Forgotten Password In The Okwin App:

 1: First open the Okwin app

 2: Go to the bottom left and click on the option reset password.

 3:  A page will open in front of you as shown in the image.

Okwin Register

 4: First enter your registered mobile number

 5: Then enter your new password.

 6: Confirm your new password.

 7: Click on the verification code and enter the code that will come on your mobile number.

 8: Click on I have read and agree.

 9: Last click on the reset button.

 You have successfully reset your forgotten password.

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 How to get a daily reward bonus in the Okwin app or how to reset it in future if you forget your password, has been told in today’s article.

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