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Everyone has imagined at least once stepping into a gambling casino as a stranger and leaving it as a wealthy celebrity with glory and decent funds. Dreams do come true from time to time. Many gambling fans joined the world of casinos and transformed their lives forever. Some famous professional poker players, for example, Polish legend Wiktor Malinowski, know how to make a living benefiting from their passion. Now many professional players start their careers with online casinos, because it gives unlimited access to the community, and most importantly, it allows you to quickly learn how to play well with minimal spending. And Polish players can minimize these costs by – kasyno online płatność sms, which is a payment method in an online casino through a phone and a mobile operator.

Of course, to become a successful casino player, you need a lot of patience, dedication, suitable investments, and luck on your side. Here are the stories of some players who proved that it is feasible.

Archie Karas

Karas is among the most successful gambling winners, having won a record sum in one casino. With only $50 to his name, Karas multiplied this amount by more than ten times and built an empire worth some $40 million.

The story of Archie Karas, who hails from Greece, is straight out of a movie. He decided to devote his life to poker at the age of 19, and after losing two million dollars, he left with $50 to Las Vegas and asked a friend for $10,000 to play at a poker table. From there, he began to make money exponentially, moving on to craps, where he accumulated capital, winning over $40 million during the three successful years from 1992 to mid-1995.

As with the fairy tales of many casino winners, Karas assumed the good times would never end, but in just three weeks, he lost $30 million of the $40 million he had won so far. Karas was finished by the end of 1995, proving that what comes fast and easy can disappear just as quickly.

Stanley Fujitake

The excellent experience of this spectacular Hawaiian gambler went down in history. On May 28, 1997, this master and professional craps thrower broke the bank at the California Hotel in Las Vegas. His 118 rolls of the dice automatically made him a millionaire.

Several players who saw his actions tried to copy those that night, leading to the overall casino losses of nearly a million dollars in a single round of rolls. It was a magnificent night for the audience.

Antonio Esfandiari

Antonio Esfandiari won the biggest live tournament payout in poker history during Event 55 of the 2012 World Series of Poker – The Big One for One Drop. The Iranian-American player won $18 million in just three days, and an exclusive platinum bracelet was presented to him as champion.

After a series of significant placings in high-level poker competitions, Esfandiari achieved his first major triumph when he won the World Poker Tour’s LA Poker Classic for $1.4 million, accumulating so far more than $23 million in winnings, including live events only.

Like all big winners, Antonio Esfandiari is a troublemaker who likes to arrive early and leave late for parties. Many people claim that if it weren’t for his father and family, who take such good care of him, the 32-year-old would have squandered and lost all his poker winnings long ago.

Indeed, these players’ stories show us that winning a lot of money in casino games is possible. Today there are a lot of reasonable gambling offers. So you can put your gambling skills to the test and maybe unleash your luck. 

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