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Hello, my dear friends Today we talk about the most popular online gaming app which name is Rummy VIP Apk. In today’s article, we are going to tell you about the new features of this app. How to log in to Rummy VIP Apk. Also, we are going to give you information about many amazing and money-making games available in Rummy VIP Apk.

We will tell you about online games like Teen Patti and how you can earn by placing your bets. You are going to earn a lot with the many new features in Rummy VIP Apk. You can get a huge reward bonus by checking in daily in this app. Another facility given to you for earning in Rummy VIP Apk is Refer and Earn.

In this app as soon as you register you are provided with a refer link by which you can earn. In the refer and earn option, you will get this link which you can share and earn on social media. Like your friend will download this app on his device from the link sent by you.

You will be rewarded by the Rummy VIP Apk. And your referral commission will keep increasing. In the Rummy VIP apk, you will get to know how to play the Teen Patti game online. How earning is done by placing bets, is all that is going to be told in this article. How to enjoy the features of this app with a Binding phone number. We are going to tell you everything in full detail. So read this article deeply and carefully.

To download the Rummy VIP Apk, click on the link given below.

How To Play Teen Patti Game In Rummy VIP APK:

Step 1: First of all open the Rummy app on your Android or iOS device.

Step 2: After login come to the home page of this app. Here you will see many games, among them select Teen Patti game.

Step 3: In this ask you about the requirement of entry fees.

You can enter any room at your convenience. The minimum entry pool rate is 2 rupees.

Step 4: Now the table of the Teen Patti game has come in front of you which you have joined.

Step 5: The leader will distribute three cards to you and all your team members.

Rummy Vip Apk Download

Step 6: You can also move the bet by seeing the cards or playing blind.

Step 7: If the cards of other team members are not good, they will pack them.

Step 8: The last two contestants will continue placing bets as long as your valid balance is available.

Step 9: You can end the game round by showing at any time in the last. The player whose cards will be higher will win the bet. And the next round will start.

Similarly, you can continue the Teen Patti game.

Binding Phone Number In Rummy VIP Apk:

1:Open the Rummy VIP Apk by logging in to your Android device.

2: The third part binding is the phone number, click on it.

3: Now a page like this will open in front of you.

Rummy Vip Apk

4: Now first of all enter your registered mobile number.

5: Enter your strong Rummy VIP Apk password.

6: Now the OTP button will appear in front of you, click on it.

7: An OTP will come on your registered mobile number, Enter it, and it will be useful for only one minute.

8: After entering the verification code, click on the last Continue button.

You have successfully linked your phone number to the Rummy VIP Apk.

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Refer and Earn in Rummy VIP Apk :

The best facility to earn inside the Rummy VIP Apk is Refer and Learn. By doing this you can earn very easily. As soon as you log into the Rummy VIP Apk, you are given the option to refer and earn. Select the option. Your referral link will be sent to you. At the bottom, you will get many options to share this link like WhatsApp, Telegram, and Instagram, you can share this link with anyone.

Let me tell you how you will be earning through it. As soon as any of your friends enter the Rummy VIP Apk from the link sent by you, you will get an As Reward Bonus of Rs.500.

Rummy Vip App Download

If a friend shares your link, then your earning will increase even more, Incredible Income of Source. First of all, you can join this app from the link provided by us. Daily you can check your refer bonus. And you are also given a weekly referral link bonus through this app. You are also given a weekly referral link bonus by this plugin. In this way, you can earn using your referral link.

Conclusion Of Rummy VIP Apk :

So friends, in today’s article we have told you how to earn by playing your most popular online game Teen Patti. Information about how to bind your mobile number with this APK. Last the complete process of how you can earn from their new features through the refer and earn option has been explained. Regarding the Rummy VIP Apk, if you want any more information then you can ask us at any time in the comment box below.

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