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Toto Mall app is not a mall app because it is a colour prediction app. The Toto Mall is a new app which has been released a month ago. But the Toto Mall app seems to be a legit app for earning money online. Thus if you are looking for a new online colour prediction app, you can download the Toto Mall app. 

Toto Mall
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How To Register On Toto Mall App

The first step towards start earning money on the Toto Mall app is that you have to create an account on it. First, you can visit the Toto Mall website to create a new account. 

Below mentioned steps can be useful for you to get register on the Toto Mall app. 

Step 1 – Visit the Toto Mall website. 

Toto Mall App

Step 2 – Go to the register page of the Toto Mall website. 

Step 3 – On the register page, add your information. 

Step 4 – It includes your mobile number, login password, and verification code. 

Step 5 – Also, add a referral code. If you don’t get one, you can add the referral code because adding the referral code is compulsory. 

Step 6 – Click the register button, and you will successfully create an account on the Toto Mall app. 

How To Download Toto Mall APK

If you want to download the Toto Mall APK, you can download it from their official website. However, downloading the Toto Mall APK will not make any difference because you can easily play the colour prediction game on the Toto Mall website as well. 

You can go to the Toto Mall website homepage, and on the homepage, you can look for the download button, which will lead you to download the Toto Mall APK. 

What is Toto Mall App?

The Toto Mall app is a colour prediction gaming app, so you should not get confused that it is a Mall app. The Toto Mall app is an application where you can play online colour prediction games and earn money only. 

Moreover, the Toto Mall app provides immediate payment withdrawal to its players, and you can withdraw a minimum of ₹100 instantly from the application. 

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Toto Mall Colour Prediction Game

The Toto Mall App offers a colour prediction game named the Win game. On the Toto Mall app’s win game, you only need to bet on a colour which you think can appear. As your colour comes, you will double your money on the Toto Mall app. 

Thus, the Toto Mall colour prediction game can be used to earn money online. It’s just that the Toto Mall app only provides a ₹5 bonus which is merely nothing. Thus, you have to invest your own money to earn money from the Toto Mall app. 

Earning Money From Toto Mall App Promotion Program

One of the easiest ways to earn money on the Toto Mall app is by using the Toto Mall app’s promotion program. The Toto Mall app provides you to earn money on their app by inviting and introducing new people to the Toto Mall app. 

If you are able to invite people to the Toto Mall app, you can earn a commission from the app. To invite people to the Toto Mall colour prediction app, you have to use your referral code or link.

That way, you can keep a record of all your promotions in the Toto Mall app. Moreover, you can check the total commission you received on the Toto Mall app. 

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