96 Country Code | Which Country Code Is +96

Do you want to know which country code is 96? There is no country where the country code is 96. But there are some countries where the +96 included. I am gonna share the countries list. Just stick with this post.

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We have to add a country code to make calls. It is very important to know the telephone country code to call someone.

which country code is 96
which country code is 96

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Which Country Code Is 96?

Here are some countries which start with +96 country code.

+960 – Maldives

+961 – Lebanon

+962 – Jordan

+963 – Syria

+964 – Iraq

+965 – Kuwait

+966 – Saudi Arabia

+967 – Yemen

+968 – Oman

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What Are Country Codes?

According to Wikipedia, “Country codes are short alphabetic or numeric geographical codes (geocodes) developed to represent countries and dependent areas, for use in data processing and communications.”

Country codes are short numeric numbers to represent countries or areas.

You must know the country code to call a number if you are calling from a different country.

And sometimes we have to enter the country code while filling a form. So it is necessary to know the country code. 

And if any of your family, relatives, friends live in any other country. You should know their country code to call them.

Here is the list of country codes.

As an example in India, the country code is +91. USA’s code is +1, UK’S code is +44.


As I have shared that ISD code +96 is not a valid country code till now. But there are some country codes that start with +96 like the +963 code for Syria.

It is necessary to know the country code. Make sure you know that. I have shared the list above, you can check the list by visiting the site.

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