97 Country Code | Which Country Code Is +97

Wondering which country code is +97? The 97 country code is not a valid country code.

As you may already know It is mandatory to add a country code to make calls to Telephone numbers. For both national and international calls, we have to enter the country code to make calls.

which country code is 97
which country code is 97

But there are some countries whose ISD code includes or starts with the number 97.

Here are some countries and their Telephone codes which start with +97 country code.

+970 – Palestinian Territories

+971 – United Arab Emirates

+972 – Israel

+973 – Bahrain

+974 – Qatar

+975 – Bhutan

+976 – Mongolia

+977 – Nepal

Looking for 96 country code? Here is a blog on that.

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Which Country Has Code 97?

There is no country that has code 97. But some countries have codes “9” and “7”. I have already shared them.

What Is The Country Code Of Nepal?

The country code of Nepal is +977.


There’s no country yet with country code 97. If anywhere you saw that there is a plus 97 country code, this is false my friend. I have shared the countries that include the 97 code.

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