Google Word Coach – Amazing Quiz Game To Learn English

Do you want Google to help you improve your English language vocabulary? Yes, you are reading it right. I am not joking. Google helps people to learn English, in non-English speaking countries.

Google can help you to improve your English vocabulary.

Wondering how?

Through a quiz game called Google Word Coach

Google launched a new feature called Word Coach. Yeah, this is launched by the tech giant MNC (Multinational Company) Google. This feature is designed to improve English vocabulary.

google word coach

Google launched this feature in non-English speaking countries to improve the English vocabulary. It is available in India.

Are you excited to know how to use Google Word Coach?

I am sure you are excited.

Let’s get started…

What Is Google Word Coach?

It is basically a quiz game. This game is designed to improve English vocabulary in non-English speaking countries like India.

Here is an official statement from Google.

Google Word Coach is a game designed to help expand English-language vocabulary in a fun and engaging way. It appears under our dictionary and translates boxes or when someone searches for “Google Word Coach.” It launched this month in non-English speaking countries and also in India. It may come to other countries and languages in the future.

The GWC quiz game was created by the giant search engine company Google.

Once the game starts you will get two options. You have to choose the right one to score high.

Sometimes Word Coach game appears automatically when we search some terms(eg. Drive synonyms).

Not in all searches this game appears. But the good news is you can also enable the game manually. I will share how you can enable and play the game. It is quite fun to play this quiz game. At least I enjoy playing the game. Just try and let me know if you

This amazing quiz game was launched in February 2018. It is definitely one of the best ways to improve your English language vocabulary. Along with the fun game, you can easily learn new words every day.

How To Open Google Word Coach?

Now it’s time to share how you can play the Word Coach game. It’s super easy to do so.

This GWC game can’t be played on your PC. You need a Smartphone to play this game.

You can see questions with 2 options. There will be a total of 5 questions in each round. If you give the right answer each time you will get harder questions.

Here are the simple steps to play the quiz.

Step 1 – First, open the Chrome browser on your mobile phone.

Step 2 – Now just type “Google Word Coach” and search it on Google.

google word coach quiz
google word coach quiz

Step 3 – Once you search that on Google. You can see the questions. And sometimes you may also see some image-based questions.

how to open google word coach

Step 4 – Now select the right option if you know it. You will get 120 points per correct answer.

what is google word coach
what is google word coach

Step 5 – You can skip any question if you don’t know the answer.

google word coach game
google word coach game

If you give the right answer the answers will turn green in color, and if you give the wrong answer the color will turn Red.

Once you have finished any round you can share the score by tapping the share button.

My Word Coach’s highest score is not much because I do not play the game regularly. If you play this game regularly, you can score better in the game.

If you give wrong answers they will explain to you why the answer is wrong. Overall the game is amazing. At least for me.

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Types Of Questions

While playing this Word Coach quiz game, I found these types of questions.

  1. Synonyms
  2. Antonyms
  3. Identify with Image

When you keep playing the game, the questions will get tougher and tougher.

Google Word Coach App

Google hasn’t launched the Google Word Coach App. You only can access the quiz game with a mobile browser by following the steps.

But if you search for the Word Coach app in the Google Play Store, you will find many results. Those apps are not official. So don’t waste your time searching for Google Word Coach APK.

How To Download Google Word Coach?

It is an online-based quiz game, so you can’t download it. To play this game, you just need the Chrome browser on your mobile phone.

Google Word Coach Offline

You can’t play the GWC game offline. You need a Smartphone with an active internet connection to play the quiz game.

How To Play Word Coach Game On PC

The simple answers you can’t play this game on PC. This game is available only on mobile phones. Just grab your mobile phone and start playing the game.

General FAQs

What Is Google Word Coach?

GWC is a quiz game developed by one and only Google. It is created to improve English vocabulary for non-English speaking countries.

How do I open Google Word Coach quiz?

Just open the Chrome browser and search for “Google Word Coach” on Google. And the game will start.

Is it possible to skip any question in GWC?

Yes, you can skip any question if you don’t know the answer.

Is there a Word Coach app?

No, There’s no app. You have to play it online.

How to open Google Word Coach

Just open Google and search for the term Google Word Coach.

Can I play this game on iPhone?

Yes, you can play this game in your iPhone. The OS doesn’t matters. You can play this game on both iOS and Android.


I must say that the Google Word Coach quiz is one of the best ways to improve your English vocabulary. When I played the game, I really loved it. I like these kinds of games where we can learn along with fun. Do try this game and let me know if you liked it or not.

If you play this game regularly, your English vocabulary will definitely improve. You can learn English vocabulary for free from Google.

Google has launched this game in non-English speaking countries like India.

As this game is online-based, you can’t play this game offline. But that’s should be a big problem, most of the people have data on their mobile.

Rather than playing any time-wasting game, It is definitely a better option. You can increase your knowledge by playing this amazing game. 

Now it’s your turn, just try the GWC game. Let me know your highest score in the comment?

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