How Many MB Is 1 GB | 1 Gigabytes To Megabytes

If you have any interest in knowing how many MB is 1 GB. Then we can tell you all the details about it. So the answer to that is a total of 1024 MB makes 1 GB. Hence, the Gigabytes is a higher storage unit than the Megabytes. Nevertheless, there are also some units that are higher than the Gigabytes (GB), which are Terabytes (TB) and Petabytes (PB).

How Many MB Is 1GB

How Many MB Is 1 GB

Unites Of Data StorageSystemEquals To
Byte (B)8 Bits
Kilobyte (KB)Binary1024 Bytes
Kilobyte (KB)Decimal1000 Bytes
Megabyte (MB)Binary1024 Kilobytes
Megabyte (MB)Decimal1000 Kilobytes
Gigabyte (GB)Binary1024 Megabytes
Gigabyte (GB)Decimal1000 Megabytes
Petabyte (PB)Binary1024 Gigabytes
Petabyte (PB)Decimal1000 Gigabytes

In the above table, you can see that there is a difference between the binary and decimal units. The binary in all the storage units is always measured as 1024. For example, 1 Megabyte will be 1024 kilobytes.
On the other hand, the decimal in all the storage units is measured as 1000. The example will be 1 Megabyte will be 1000 Kilobytes.

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What Is A Megabyte (MB) & Gigabytes (GB)?

You might hear of the term Megabyte while using tech devices such as Mobile, PC, etc. The Megabyte is a term that refers to a unit measuring a Mobile phone or PC data, storage, ram, etc.

In concisely, the Megabytes describe the capacity of a Mobile phone or PC. That means the Gigabytes is also the same as the Megabytes, and it is just another unit that can describe the capacity of a Mobile phone or PC but is much of higher quantity than the Megabytes. 

As of now, the Gigabytes is the primary unit for describing the storage and the ram of Mobile phones or PC. On your Mobile phone, you will always have a Gigabyte (GB) capacity mentioned that you can use to store your files, applications, music, video, pictures, and many other things, and it is the same applies to your PC as well. 

Moreover, the internet connectivity of your mobile phone is always described as the Gigabyte (GB), Megabyte (MB), Kilobytes (KB), etc. Hence, if you download a 1 GB video, your mobile data will also be consumed with 1 GB.

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