Kotak Mahindra Bank Near Me | Find Nearest Branch & ATM

Looking for a nearby Kotak Mahindra Bank branch? If yes then you are in the right place.

In this post, I am going to share with you how you can find the Kotak Mahindra Bank near me.

It’s easier than you think. There are a bunch of ways to find a nearby Kotak Bank branch.

kotak mahindra bank near me

Kotak Mahindra Bank is a private Indian bank. This Mumbai-based headquarter bank is the third-largest Indian private sector bank. It has 1600 branches & 2519 ATMs across India.

Although now you can do many banking services online like account opening. Earlier we had to visit a branch to open a bank account. And now we can do it online through video KYC. But for some cases, you might need to visit a branch.

Before writing this post, I have tried some methods to find the Kotak Mahindra Bank near me. So I am going to share some of these methods that worked for me. If it works for me, it might also work for you.

Methods To Find A Nearby Kotak Mahindra Bank

There are some ways to find nearby Kotak Bank. I am going to share some of them.

  1. Kotak Mahindra Branch Locator
  2. Google Maps
  3. Just Dial

#Method 1: Find Kotak Mahindra Bank Branch Through Google Maps

Google Map is preinstalled on Android smartphones. I guess you have already used to get direction. But you might didn’t know that you can also find a bank branch with the help of Maps.

Step 1 – First, you need to turn on the location on your device. Ignore the step if you have already enabled the location.

Step 2 – Now open Google Maps, and search for “Kotak Mahindra Bank near me”.

kotak bank near me

Step 3 – You can see all Kotak branches near your location.

You can also search on Google. Just go to google.com and search for the Kotak Bank branch near me. You will get a list of nearby Kotak banks. Just note down the address or tap on getting direction. You can also see the Kotak Mahindra Bank Branch contact number.

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#Method 2: Find Nearby Kotak Mahindra Branch With Kotak Branch Locator

On the Kotak Mahindra website, you can find the Kotak Mahindra branch easily. Not just branch, but you can also find ATM, Smart Banking 24, Cash Deposit Machine, Cash Withdrawal Machine, Passbook Machine, Cheque Deposit Machine, Passbook Printing, etc.

Step 1 – First of all, visit the Kotak Mahindra branch locator page.

Step 2 – Select Branch or Branch+ATM, whatever you are looking for.

nearest kotak mahindra bank

Step 3 – Now enter the Pin Code or Location, where you are looking for a branch. Search for it.

Step 4 – You will get all Kotak Mahindra branches available in a particular location.

Step 5 – Now tap on any branch address, you will get all the details like Address, Timing, IFSC Code, Contact Number, and Services Offered.

If you want direction just copy the address and paste it on Google Maps.

This is the official method to find the Kotak Mahindra Bank near me.

There is a filter option available on the website. Where you can filter what you are looking for like Cash & Cheque Deposit Machines, Locker Facility, Gold Loan, Retail Loan, Forex Services, Passbook Printing, Account Related Services, etc.

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#Method 3: Find Kotak Mahindra Bank Nearby Through Just Dial

Maybe you have already known about Just Dial. It’s India’s No.1 local search engine. Where you can find any businesses, cafes, cinemas, etc. You can also find bank branches, ATMs, etc.

Step 1 – First, you need to visit justdial.com or simply you can download the app. The app is available on both iOS and Android.

Step 2 – Now search for “Kotak Mahindra Bank near me”.

kotak mahindra bank branch near me

Step 3 – You can see here all the nearby Kotak bank branches.

These are some methods to find Kotak Mahindra Bank branches. I have tested these methods and these work well.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How to find Kotak Mahindra Bank Branch near me?

You can find the nearest Kotak Mahindra Bank Branch in three ways, which are Kotak Mahindra Branch Locator, Google Maps, and Just Dial.

What is the Kotak Mahindra Bank near me contact number?

First, you can find which Kotak Mahindra Bank Branch is nearest to you, and afterwards, you can search for that Bank and get the contact number of the Bank. 

How to find a nearby Kotak ATM?

Finding the nearby Kotak ATM is similar to finding the nearest Kotak Mahindra Bank Branch, which is done by using Google Maps. 

Can I open an bank account onlinw without visiting a branch?

Yes, now you can open a bank account online through video KYC on many banks. Kotak Mahindra is one of the banks that allows opening an online account.

What Kotak 811 account?

Kotak 811 is a digital bank account. You can get all banking benefits by installing the Kotal 811 app. The best part is, it’s a 0 balance saving account. That means you don’t have to maintain a minimum balance.

Can I deposit cash in any branch of Kotak?

Yeah, you can deposit cash in any Kotak branch.


I am sure now you will be able to find your nearest Kotak Mahindra Bank branches easily. Make sure you try and let me know which method you will use to find bank branches.

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