PNB ATM Near Me | Find Nearest Punjab National Bank ATM

Looking for a PNB ATM near me, I know you are, that’s why you are here.

Now so many people use ATM machines to withdraw cash. Today I will share some methods to find Punjab National Bank ATMs nearby.

Maybe your want to enable your first ATM card/Debit card at PNB bank. Or maybe you are running out of cash and want to withdraw cash from ATM. Or maybe you are looking for PNB CDM(Cash Deposit Machine) near you to deposit cash in your account.

pnb atm near me

Now people hardly visit bank branches because of ATMs and CDMs. Sometimes we got frustrated if we don’t find any ATM nearby. This post is all about how you can find nearby Punjab National ATMs.

Let’s get started.

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Methods To Find PNB ATM Near Me

There are some ways to find Punjab National Bank ATMs. I am going to share several ways to find ATMs near you. Here are the methods below.

  1. PNB ATM Locator
  2. Google Maps
  3. Just Dial

Method 1: Find PNB ATM Through Google Maps

Google Map is one of the best methods to find any place. It is preinstalled on Android devices. So no need to install. It can be accessed through the website also. You can use it to find nearby ATMs.

Step 1 – First, enable your location and open Google Maps.

Step 2 – Search for “PNB ATM near me”.

punjab national bank atm near me

Step 3 – You will find all nearby PNB ATMs.

Step 4 – You can get direction.

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Method 2: Find PNB ATM Through PNB ATM Locator

Do you know that you can use the Punjab National Bank’s website to find a nearby PNB ATM or CDM? Yes PNB has an option on their official website to find Branches, ATMs, CDMs, BNAs, and PUMs.

It works really well. There is also a map to help you to find the exact location.

Just follow the steps below.

Step 1 – First of all, you need to visit PNB ATM Locator.

Step 2 – Select the ATM tab, now enter your city name, you will get a list of available ATMs.

pnb atm near me location

Step 3 – Check the address. Once you get the address. Paste the address on Google Map.

Not only ATMs you can also find CDMs (Cash Deposit Machines), BNAs (Bulk Note Acceptor), PUMs (Passbook Update Machine), and Branches on the PNB website.

This is PNB’s official method to find ATM. You can also try this method on your Smartphone.

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Method 3: Find PNB CDM Through Just Dial

Step 1 – First of all, visit or download the JustDial app.

Step 2 – Now enter your location.

pnb cash deposit machine near me

Step 3 – Search for “Punjab National Bank ATM near me” if you are looking for ATMs. And if you are looking for CDM search for “Punjab National Bank CDM near me”.

Step 4 – You will get a list of available ATMs. Select the nearest ATM.

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How to find PNB ATM near me?

You can find the PNB ATM near me by following the above methods. That is Google Maps, Punjab National Bank ATM locator, and Just Dial.

How to find a PNB ATM deposit machine near me?

If you want to deposit money in the PNB deposit machine, you have to find the PNB ATM deposit machine near me. The PNB deposit machines are available in the PNB Banks. So first, you can find the PNB Bank near me, and then you can find the PNB ATM deposit machine near me. 

What is the maximum withdrawal limit of PNB ATM?

The withdrawal limit depends on your card type. YOu can check all the detail here.

How to enable PNB ATM for online transactions?

You don’t need to visit your bank branch to enable this feature. You can do this from your home.

  • First of all, download the PNB One app. The app is available on both Android & iOS.
  • Now login to the app.
  • Select the Debit Card option.
  • Tap on Enable/Disable Debit Card.
  • Now select your account number,
  • Enter your card detaill like Debit card number, expiry month & year, and ATM PIN.
  • Tap on Continue.
  • Here you can see ATM transactions, POS transactions, & Ecom transactions.
  • Enable the Ecom transactions and tap on Submit.

You can also do it via Net Banking.

Can I withdraw from another bank ATM?

Yes, you can withdraw. But in this case, PNB charges you extra.

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ATMs have become a necessary thing. So when we don’t find ATMs, it is very common to get frustrated.

The main problem is that many ATMs running out of cash these days because so many people are using ATMs to withdraw cash.

In this case, it is better to find another ATM nearby. So I thought I should write a post about it.

I have shared how you can find PNB ATM near me. I hope now you can find nearby Punjab National Bank ATMs and CDMs. PNB website is quite good to find ATMs and CDMs. As you can choose from the tabs what are you looking for? Next time you will not suffer to find a nearby ATM.

Not only PNB ATM, but you can also find other bank ATMs and Punjab National Bank near me through these methods.

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