Ekart Logistics Near Me | Find Flipkart Hub Near Me

Are you looking for a post that describes how to find a nearby Flipkart hub or Ekart logistics near me? You landed in the right place. I am going to share how you can find the nearest Flipkart hub.

Flipkart is a made-in-India eCommerce site. Now, they are receiving orders like never before. Most of the parcels are delivered by Ekart. As it is owned by Flipkart itself.

There might be a reason why you are looking for a Flipkart hub or Ekart hub. Whatever reason might be this post will help you to find the hub.

flipkart hub near me
flipkart hub near me

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How To Find The Ekart Logistics Or Flipkart Hub Near Me?

I am going to share some methods to find a nearby Flipkart hub. Here are the methods.

Method 1: Google Search To Find Ekart Hub

Yes, you can find your nearby hub by searching on Google. Here are the steps.

Step 1 – First of all, enable GPS in your device.

Step 2 – Now open any browser and search on Google “Ekart logistics near me” or” ekart office near me”.

ekart logistics near me
ekart logistics near me

Step 3 – At the top, you might see the nearest hub. If it didn’t show, refresh the page.

ekart hub near me
ekart hub near me

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Method 2: Using Map to Find Flipkart or Ekart Hub

Step 1 – Open Google Map and search for “Ekart hub near me”or “ekart near me”.

ekart office near me
ekart office near me

Step 2 – You will see the list.

flipkart nearby hub
flipkart nearby hub

Step 3 – Just look for the nearest hub.

Make sure you enable your location.

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Method 3: Find Flipkart Hub Via Just Dial

There are a few chances of finding Flipkart or Ekart hub using just dial. But you can give it a try.

Just Dial has a very large database of business data. Businesses can be found there with their name, address, mobile number, email id, and website. You can find Flipkart nearest hub through Just Dial. Businesses can list themself on Just Dial, so users can find them easily.

Step 1 – Just visit justdial.com and search for Ekart logistics. You may see some results.

flipkart nearest hub to me
flipkart nearest hub to me

Step 2 – Check if it’s your nearest or not.

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Method 4: Look Into Flipkart To Find Nearby Hub

Do you know that Flipkart itself can help you to find the nearest hub?

Wondering how?

Next time when you order something just track it on the Flipkart app. Look that what’s the location just before Out For Delivery. That’s should be your nearest Flipkart hub. You might have seen just before Out For Delivey there’s a text “Your Item has been received in the hub nearest to you.” So no doubt that’s your nearest Flipkart/Ekart hub.

What Is Flipkart Hub?

Flipkart hub is where your products reach for final delivery. When the products are stored in the hub/warehouse, there are people who take care of the products. So the products do not get damaged in any way.

There are many seller hubs available in India. According to Business Standard, there are over 200,000 sellers and 250,000 small sellers in Flipkart.

Before the products reach you, these are stored in your nearest Flipkart hub.

Let me explain how it works.

Did you notice something common in all Flipkart orders?  

Yes, most of the products are delivered by Ekart. Ekart is a courier service in India owned by Flipkart.

How all it works?

  1. You ordered a product.
  2. The seller packs the product and sends it to the nearest Flipkart hub.
  3. The hub sends it to another hub via Ekart courier. Mostly they use Ekart because it is owned by Flipkart.
  4. And then the product delivers to you.


What Is Flipkart Hub?

Flipkart Hub or Ekart Hub is a place where products are stored for final delivery.

Is Ekart Owned By Flipkart?

Yes, Ekart courier is owned by Flipkart.

Where Is The Flipkart Headquarters?

In Bengaluru, the headquarters of Flipkart is established.

What Is Flipkart Fulfilment?

Flipkart Fulfilment service is where Flipkart takes care of the most services like:
Fulfillment center space.
Faster delivery of your products.
High-quality packaging.


It’s quite complicated to find a Flipkart hub or Ekart logistics near you. At the time of writing this, I found that Google search and maps have the most accurate data. Try these methods and let me know you will be able to find for not.

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