What Is Customer ID In Canara Bank | Check How To Find It

It is important to know your unique customer ID, which serves as a key identifier for your account. 

Your customer ID is required for various banking services.

Many people don’t know what is customer id in Canara Bank.

In this post, I’m going to share some simple ways how to find Canara Bank customer ID.

If you don’t know what is your customer ID in Canara Bank.

This post will help you to find it.

Let’s get started.

what is customer id in canara bank

What is customer id in Canara Bank & How To Find It

Here are some ways to find your customer ID.

#1 Way: Check Your Welcome Letter

When you first opened an account with Canara Bank, you should have received a welcome letter. Generally, all banks send a welcome letter, and Canara Bank is not an exception.

The customer ID is mentioned in this letter. Take a look at the letter and find the customer ID. It should be printed on it.

#2 Way: Find Customer ID On Your Passbook

Yes, Your passbook contains the customer ID as well.

Check out the first page of your passbook. You can see the customer ID there.

#3 Way: Find Customer ID Through Net Banking

Now many bank users use net banking.

If you have registered for Canara Bank net banking services, you can easily find your customer ID online. Follow these steps:

  • First of all, Go to Canara Bank’s net banking portal.
  • Enter your customer ID and password to log in to your account.
  • Once you are logged in, navigate to the profile section.
  • Look for your customer ID in the profile information.

#4 Find Canara Bank Customer ID On Cheque Book

If you have a cheque book, you can find the customer ID on the first page.

It should be printed on the first page clearly along with your personal details.

The customer ID on the cheque book serves as a unique identifier for your Canara Bank account. 

#5 Get Canara Bank Customer ID By Calling

You can call the customer care and ask for your customer ID. They will ask for some details for verification.

Once they verify you are a valid customer, they will help you to find your customer ID.

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How to know the customer ID of Canara Bank without passbook?

You can find the customer ID without a passbook.
Here are some ways.
1. Via Net Banking
2. By Calling Customer Care

Is the customer ID the same as the account number?

No customer ID is not the same as the account number.

Is customer ID written on ATM cards?

It is not written on ATM cards.

Is the customer ID and IFSC code the same?

No, the customer ID and IFSC code are not the same.



Now you know what is customer id in Canara Bank and how to find your Canara Bank customer ID. You can use any of the mentioned methods to find your customer ID.

Never share this customer ID with anyone.

What you can share is this post.

You can share this post with a Canara Bank user.

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