Upstox Referral Code Is – 27AU6N | Free ₹600 Per Referral

Upstox Referral Code is – “27AU6N

Are you looking for a detailed guide about the Upstox referral program? If yes then you landed in the right place. In this article, I promise this is the only guide you need to read to know about Upstox refer and earn program.

You will get some benefits if you use the Upstox referral code. In this post, I am going to share how you can use the referrals to use thousand rupees.

With that said now, let’s take look at the Upstox introduction.

Upstox is one of the most popular trading apps in India. With Upstox, anyone can start trading from their smartphone.

upstox referral code

Upstox Referral Code is – “27AU6N

You might see people are earning money on Upstox. Don’t worry today you will also learn how to earn money in Upstox. The easiest way to earn on this app is through the Upstox referral offer.

It is the best refer and earn Demat account. As the app pays a really good amount referral bonus. Sometimes it pays as high as Rs.1200 per referral.

I am gonna share details about Upstox refer and earn 2022 offer. After reading this post, you will have a clear idea about how you can earn money through the Upstox referral program.

So what are you waiting for?

Let’s get started…

What Is Upstox?

Upstox is an Indian trading platform. It was founded in May 2011.

Upstox is formerly known as RKSV. It was founded by Ravi Kumar, Raghu Kumar, and Shrinivas Viswanath.

The company is backed by Ratan Tata, Tiger Global, Kalaari Capital, GVK Davix, & many more.

Big Media companies like Business Standard, CNBC, Live Mint, The Financial Express, Money Control, The Economic Times, Times Of India, & NDTV Profit covered Upstox. 

It is trusted by 40 lakh Investors in India. We can check live updates on stock prices and quotes from BSE, NSE, & MCX.

You can invest in Stocks, IPOs, Mutual Funds, Gold, Futures & Options on the app. It is available on both platforms (Android & iOS).

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Upstox is packed with a lot of features. Let’s look at all the awesome features.

  • Open Trading & Demat Account Online.
  • 100% paperless account opening.
  • 0 Brokerage Fee on Stock Investments
  • Brokerage up to Rs 20 per trade for intraday, F&O, and commodities
  • Choose from 2000 mutual funds.
  • Buy 99.9% pure gold. Invest as low as Rs.1 in Digital Gold.
  • Rs. 20*/ order for intraday trading and F&O.

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Now we are in the most crucial part. Many people check the charges before using anything. And it’s not bad, we should check that. Upstox maintenance charges are not high.

Check Upstox account opening charges on the official website about their charges.  Sometimes they offer Upstox free account opening. But other times Upstox charges an amount for account opening.

Documents Required For Upstox:

Now you know some details about Upstox. So you might want to create an account on Upstox. Not a big deal, it’s super easy to create an account.

Before that let’s see the Upstox account opening documents requirements.

  • Aadhaar Card
  • PAN Card
  • Canceled Cheque
  • Latest Bank Account Statement
  • Mobile Number
  • Income Proof: If you want to trade in the future and options or to trade commodities, equity, and currency.

You need to upload copies of Aadhaar, PAN, Cancelled Cheque & Bank Account Statement.

Learn more about the Upstox Demat Account from here.

How to Open A Upstox Account?

Here are some simple steps to open an account on Upstox. You can do this with a Computer as well as on a Smartphone.

  1. First of all, visit the Upstox Demat account opening page. You can also download the app from Play Store.
  2. Now fill up basic details Mobile Number and Email ID. Click on Send OTP.
  3. Verify the mobile number by entering OTP.
  4. Enter your PAN Card Number and DOB.
  5. Then you have to enter your details like gender, marital status, trading experience, occupation, etc.
  6. Click on Next.
  7. Now you will get a message “Congratulations, This is your chance to win free stock.”
  8. Do your Signature in the White box. Click on Next.
  9. Now you have to take a selfie and click on Accept.
  10. Enter your bank account details and select account type ( Current Or Savings).
  11. You will be asked to verify your mail-id. Click on Send OTP. Now go to your mail inbox and check the OTP, Copy that and enter it on Upstox.
  12. Now you have to pay an amount to open an account.
  13. It will ask if your Mobile Number is linked with Aadhaar or not.
  14. Now click on Next.
  15. Enter your mobile number and click on Proceed.
  16. Pay the amount through your desired payment method. Sometimes Upstox offers free account opening.
  17. Now click on e-sign with Aadhar OTP.
  18. Click on e-sign now. Now accept the terms & conditions and click on Submit.
  19. You will be redirected to the NSDL portal. Tick the declaration box and enter an Aadhaar or VID number. Click on Send OTP.
  20. Now you will receive an OTP on your Aadhaar registered mobile number.
  21. Enter the OTP and click on Submit.
  22. Now you might see a message like this Click here to download your e-sign document and proceed.
  23. Your signed document will be downloaded.
  24. Finally, you have completed the process to open a Demat account.
  25. It may take up to 3 days to verify your details.

Here is a video about how to open a Upstox account.

Difference Between Demat & Trading Account

Do you know the difference between a Demat account and a Trading account?

It’s not only you, many people get confused with these terms.

Let’s see the difference.

Demat Account: A Demat Account holds all shares & securities in digital form. 

Trading Account: A Trading Account is used to buy and sell stocks in the Stock Market. Once you open a Demat account, a Upstox trading account will also be opened.

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Upstox Referral Code Is – “27AU6N”

Upstox referral code which is “27AU6N” can get you some benefits if you use it.

You can earn ₹1000 brokerage credit to trade at ₹0 brokerage for the first 7 days if you use this Upstox refer code.

Here are some referral code benefits.

  • ₹1000 brokerage credit to trade for the first 30 days.
  • A Demat + Trading account.
  • FREE access to the all-new Upstox app.

Upstox App Download

Upstox download is available for both Android & iOS. It doesn’t matter if you are using an Android or iPhone, you can download it. Head over to Play Store or Apple App Store and install the app.

You can download Upstox app from Play Store and Apple App Store.

App NameUpstox
Referral AmountRs.1200/800/600/500/400/200
Available OnAndroid, iOS, & Web
OwnerRKSV Securities Pvt. Ltd.

What is Upstox Refer and Earn 2022

Upstox referral commission is quite high than its competitors. Now you can earn ₹1200 per successful referral. With this referral program, you can earn a huge amount of money as the Upstox referral amount in 2022 is very high than its competitors. Not only that your friends also get Rs.1,000 brokerage credit. That’s the reason many people like Upstox refer and earn program.

How to refer and earn in Upstox:

Here are the steps on how you can refer someone to Upstox.

  • First, log in to the Upstox app.
  • Now tap on the “Account” section.
  • Tap on the “Refer & Earn” tab.
  • Here you can see your Upstox referral link.
  • Just share the referral link.

The referral link is valid for 7 days. If anyone joins after 7 days of sharing the link, you will not be eligible for the reward. In this case, you need to resend the link to avail Upstox referral bonus.

It is the best refer and earn Demat account as it is paying the highest referral amount. They keep changing the referral amount. If you want the latest information about the referral amount. Check out this link to know Upstox refer and earn terms and conditions.

Do you know what’s the best thing Upstox referral amount is fully withdrawable? Yes, you are reading it right.

How To Earn Money Through The Upstox Referral Program?

How to earn money from Upstox?

As it’s a stockbroking app, you can earn money through investing.

Buts it is not an easy task.

If you can think of the only way to earn on Upstox is through investing you are wrong. You can also refer and earn Upstox.

You just need to share your referral code with potential users. When they will join, you will get a referral reward.

Share your Upstox invitation code with your family, relatives, and friends to earn from the referral program.

You can also share on referral code social media like Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, Twitter, and Youtube.

Here’s how you can share your referral link on social media.

#1 Pro Tip(Youtube): You can start a Youtube channel around these apps. Make videos about Upstox. And just share your referral code in the description. Now you can also use Youtube Shorts video. Shorts videos are doing great in almost all platforms.

#2 Pro Tip(Reels): Reels on Instagram are getting popular and popular and popular. If you are using Instagram you might already know this. Your Reels can also go viral on IG. So make a Reel video and tell that about all the Upstox referral benefits. Give your Upstox referral link/code in your Instagram Bio.

#3 Pro Tip (Medium): Medium is a free blogging platform. You can write a post about Upstox and mention your referral code in that post. The best thing is it’s free. You don’t need to pay a single penny to use this platform.

#4 Pro Tip (Telegram): Now Telegram app is used by many smartphone users. It is popular for its channel feature. You can utilize it as well. There are many channels that share earning apps through a Telegram channel. You can create similar ones and share apps with your referral code. Once you gain some members you can start earning money.

You can earn a really really really good Upstox referral commission if you can use these methods correctly.

Note: They keep changing the referral amount. Sometimes you can see Upstox refer and earn 1200 offer. And sometimes they provide as low as Rs.200 per referral. I keep updating the post, so you can see the exact referral amount in the post title.

You will not find refer and earn apps like Upstox. Because no other apps are paying this much money for referring.

How to get Rs.600 per referral on Upstox

You just need to share the referral code with a potential Upstox user. Once anyone joins through your link you will get Rs.300, and you will get another Rs.300 when your friend trade for the first time.

Make sure he/she trades within one month of his/her account opening, otherwise you will not get the referral bonus.

How to Buy Stocks in Upstox

There are many stocks listed on Upstox. You can buy stocks from your smartphone. It’s not that hard to buy stocks.

I am not a stock market expert to suggest you buy any particular stocks. Do your own research before buying stocks.

First, you need to add funds to your Upstox wallet to buy stocks.

  • Just open the app and sign with Upstox sign in details.
  • Now head over to the Funds tab.
  • Select Securities to buy Stock.
  • Tap on Add Funds. Enter the amount that you want to buy.
  • Choose your bank account.
  • Now make the payment through your desired payment method.
  • Tap on Continue and make the payment.

Here’s how you can buy stocks on the Uptsox app.

  1. First, log in to the app.
  2. Now on the watchlist tab, tap on the + icon at the top-right.
  3. Search for the stocks that you want to buy.
  4. Tap on the green buy button.
  5. Now enter the quantity, product, & order type.
  6. Tap on the Review Order to review it.
  7. Finally, tap on the Buy button to confirm the order.
  8. You can check the order status on the order tab.
  9. Once the order is confirmed, it will show in your portfolio.
  10. At first, it will show in your Positioning section.
  11. After that, it will show on your Holdings.

Still, confused? no worry here’s a video that explains how you can buy stocks.

How To Withdraw Referrals Earning From Upstox App

Once you earned some referral reward through the Upstox refer and earn offer. You need to withdraw the amount of the Upstox referral money.

You can withdraw your Upstox referral earnings to your bank account. It’s a quite simple process. You can do it while having a cup of Coffee. Just grab your Coffee cup and follow the below steps.

  • First of all login into your Upstox account using a Biometric or 6 digit PIN.
  • Tap on the Account tab.
  • Now tap on the “Rewards” tab. You will be redirected to your Rewards wallet.
  • Here you can see the available amount to withdraw.
  • Tap on the Withdraw button.
Image Source: Upstox
  • Scroll down and tap on “Withdraw rewards“.
Withdraw Upstox Referral Reward
Image Source: Upstox
  • Enter the amount you want to withdraw.
  • Tap on the “Continue” button.
  • Finally, tap on “Confirm withdrawal“. The amount will be credited to your primary linked bank account.
  • Tap on “Done”.

You can see that it’s easy to withdraw your Upstox earnings. The withdrawal limit is Rs.5,000 per day.

Pros & Cons


  • Excellent Customer Support
  • 0 Brokerage on Delivery trades
  • 100% Paperless account opening


  • Call and Trade are chargeable at Rs.20 per trade
  • Additional Rs 20 for the auto square of intraday orders
  • No GTC ( Good Till Cancelled) Orders

Upstox Referral Amount Not Received

Referred to someone but Upstox referral amount not received?

You are not alone, many users are facing this issue.

So what to do?

If your referral is genuine you can contact the support team and tell them about it. They will definitely help you get the referral amount. You will get a reward if you have genuine referrals. Otherwise, you will not get the amount.

Make sure they have registered within 7 days of sharing the link.

If you are sure that the referral is genuine, just contact them.

Here are some Upstox customer care numbers.

  • 022 4179 2999
  • 022 6904 2299
  • 022 7130 9999

Or if you want to contact them via support ticket or chat, just head over to the contact page.

How To Close An Upstox Account

For any reason, if you want to delete/close the Upstox account, you can do it online. Before deleting your account make sure that you have zero holding in the Demat Account.

Here is the Upstox account closure procedure.

  1. First, log in to your account using Upstox login details.
  2. Now on the profile in the top left corner.
  3. Tap on “Account” then tap on “Profile”.
  4. Now tap on “View all”.
  5. Then tap on the hamburger/three-line icon.
  6. Here you can see an option called “Account Closure”.
  7. Tap on the “Close account” button. You will be redirected to the confirmation page.
  8. Here click on the click that is generated.
  9. Select a reason to close your account.
  10. Finally, tap on “Close account”. Your account will be closed.

For more info about account closure, check out this help page.

General Frequently Asked Questions

Who Is The Owner Of Upstox?

Upstox was founded by Ravi Kumar, Raghu Kumar, and Shrinivas Viswanath.

Is Upstox Funded By Ratan Tata?

Yes, Upstox is funded by Ratan Tata.

Can I delete my Upstox account?

Yes, you can delete/close your Upstox account. I have shared the steps to delete your account.

Where to put the referral code in Upstox?

At the time of signing up, you will be asked to enter the referral code. Just enter this 27AU6N Upstox referral code.

How to find Upstox referral code?

Once your account is verified. You can see your referral code in the app.

How does Upstox referral work?

If anyone registers on the app and opens a Upstox account, both of you will get referral benefits.

How to join Upstox refer and earn program?

No need to join the referral program separately, just create an account on Upstox and you will get access to Upstox refer and earn program.

How much can I earn through the Upstox referral program?

There’s no limit to earning. You can earn unlimited. The earnings depend on how much you can refer.

How do I create a referral link in Upstox?

No, need to create a referral link. Once you are logged in to the app, you can see the referral link on the Refer & earn section.

Is Upstox a scam?

Not at all, It’s a trusted and genuine stockbroking platform.

How much Upstox pay for referrals?

Upstox keeps changing the referral amount. Like 1200/800/600/400/200.

Is Upstox backed by Ratan Tata?

Yes, it is backed by Mr. Ratan Tata.

What is UCC ID in Upstox?

UCC refers to Unique Client Code, that represents a Upstox client. Upstox UCC is a unique alphanumeric code.

Once you are registered on Upstox, you will receive your UCC in your registered mobile number and email ID.

Is Upstox better than Zerodha?

Both are good platforms. You can check a detailed comparison here.

Can I withdraw Upstox referral earnings?

Yes, you can definitely you can withdraw your Upstox referral earnings.

What is the Upstox refer and earn last date?

Still, they haven’t declared the last date, till they just refer and earn as much as you can.

Is Upstox legal?
Yes, it is legal and a registered member of SEBI, BSE, NSE, MCX, and CDSL.

Is Upstox Indian app?

Yes, Upstox is an Indian app.

Upstox Alternatives

Here are some of the alternatives you can try.

You can try any of these apps.

Upstox App For PC

You can use the Upstox platform on your PC. You don’t even need to download the app on your PC.

Just head over to and log in to the platform with your login details. Once you are logged in, You can access Upstox.

Upstox Referral Code Conclusion

I have shared a detailed guide about Upstox. I hope now you know all the details about the Upstox platform. Make sure you use the Upstox referral code.

Upstox is well known for its high-paying referral program. You can earn Rs.1200 per successful referral. None of its competitors are paying this much. I have shared some methods to share your referral code. Try those methods and let me know.

Overall it’s a good platform. You can use it if you are looking for a good stock trading app.

They keep changing the Upstox refer and earn amount.

The stock market is very risky. Never invest your hard-earned money in the stock market without proper research. You can lose your money. That’s why I never suggest investing any money without proper research.

So just utilize the referral program and earn money from it. There’s no risk to earning through the referral program. You can earn unlimited through it.

Happy Investing, Happy Earning…

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