Tamasha App Referral Code – p82sg3g7 | Earn Real Cash

Tamasha Referral Code – p82sg3g7

Are you looking for a detailed post about the Tamasha app referral code? If yes then your search ends here. Today I am going to share a super detailed guide about it.

Tamasha app is a gaming platform. But not like a normal gaming platform app. It’s a live gaming app. Here you can play games live with your favorite celebrity.

tamasha app referral code
tamasha app referral code

I am going to share how you can earn money on the Tamasha app including Tamasha refer and earn program.

Let’s get started…

How To Register On Tamasha App?

You will get 50 tokens and 2 lifelines once you complete the registration process.

#1 Step: First of all, Install the Tamasha APK. If you haven’t already.

#2 Step: Open the app and enter your mobile number. Enter Tamasha referral code which is p82sg3g7. Tap on Next. You can also use Login via Truecaller. I am using my mobile number for signing up.

#3 Step: Enter the OTP to verify your mobile number.

#4 Step: You can see 50 tokens + 2 lifelines.

#5 Step: Now tap on the wallet icon at the top-left.

#6 Step: You need to complete KYC to Withdraw your winning money. To do that just tap on Complete KYC to withdraw money.

#7 Step: Select the ID type Aadhaar. Now only 1 ID type is available.

#8 Step: Enter your name as per your ID, DOB, & Aaadhar Number. Select your State and upload both sides of your Aadhaar Card. Now tap on Submit.

#9 Step:  You have completed the KYC process.

What is Tamsha Live App?

Tamasha is a new kind of gaming platform. It’s a social gaming app. Where you can play games with celebrities, influencers, content creators, & entertainers.

Not only they can play and do fun but they can also monetize their audience to earn money.

Tamasha is owned by Gamepe Technologies Private Limited.

Tamasha App Download

The app can be downloaded from tamasha.live. Visit the site and download the Tamasha APK from the site.

Tamasha earning app download is not available for iOS. You need an Android mobile phone to do so.

Here are some e-Sport platforms.

Tamasha App Refer and Earn

You can earn up to Rs.10,00 with the Tamasha referral program. If someone joins using your Tamasha referral code you will 20 tokens and 1 lifeline and the referee will get 20 tokens.

  • Just open the app and tap on the INR symbol at the right-bottom.
  • Here you can see the Steps to Refer.
  • Tap on the See Steps.
  • Here you can see your Tamasha app referral code.
  • Just share the code with your friends.

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How To Convert Tokens To Real Cash On Tamasha

As you can see Tamasha app is giving tokens for signing up and referrals.

You might be thinking about how to use these tokes.

The simple answer is you have to play games on Tamasha with these tokens. If you play games and win, you will get real cash. This is how you can convert your tokens to real cash.

How To Play Games On Tamasha

There are multiple games available on the Tamasha earning app like Ludo, Trivia, Chro Police, Fugga Fod, etc.

  • Open the app, here you can see multiple games.
  • Tap on Play Now, a certain amount of token will be dedicated to playing any game.
  • You will get a notification when the host will live.
  • Play the game, have fun, and earn real cash.

How To Withdraw Money From Tamasha

Once you earned some money, you can withdraw it to your bank account.

  • Again open the app and tap on the wallet icon.
  • Now tap on Withdraw Money.
  • Here you can see your winning money. Enter the amount that you want to withdraw.
  • Add your bank account details or UPI ID to receive the amount in your bank account.
  • Tap on Proceed.
  • The amount will be credited to your bank account.

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Tamasha App Customer Care

You can mail them at [email protected].

Frequently Asked Questions

How to earn money on Tamasha?

You can earn money by playing games. Apart from playing games, you can use the referral program to earn more.

Can I withdraw my money to a bank account?

Yes, you can.

is Tamasha app safe?

Yes, it is safe to use.

Can I withdraw the deposit cash?

No, you can’t withdraw the deposit cash.

Tamasha App Referral Code Conclusion

Tamasha app is a new kind of gaming app. Where you can play along with your influencers.

Many people are earning money from this app.

I have shared a detailed guide about, how you can earn money through the app. I hope now you can earn money with the Tamasha app.

Share your Tamasha app referral code on WhatsApp Groups, Facebook,  & Telegram Groups to get more exposure.

There’s a financial risk in this kind of game. Play with your own responsibility.

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