2,550 Foreign Tablighi Jamaat Members Banned For Travelling to India

Tabliqhi Jamaat Members Banned

Last Updated on June 4, 2020 by Divanshu Mehta

Tablighi Jamaat Members Banned
2,550 Tablighi Jamaat Members have been banned for travelling to India(image source: thewire)

2,550 Tablighi Jamaat Members have been banned for travelling to India for 10 years. According to an ANI report on Thursday, these 2,550 Foreigners aren’t allowed to travel to India because they have been blacklisted by Home ministry.

These 2,550 Tablighi Jamaat Members are banned because they were a part of Tablighi Jamaat activities that created a boom of Coronavirus cases in March, According to ANI Report. A large gathering had been occurred in Tablighi Jamaat present in capital of India, New Delhi. Many participants of this gathering had been tested positive for Covid-19 and resulted a nation-wide boom of Coronavirus cases. The Nizamuddin Area of Tablighi Jamaat, also became a major hotspot afterwards.

A lot of coronavirus cases had been found that was linked to Tablighi Jamaat back in March.

These foreign Tablighi Jamaat Members were staying in India, because of Coronavirus lockdown and now they are temporarily banned from travelling to India for next 10 years.

Many of the Tablighi Jamaat Members have also found staying in religious places illegally. which is also not allowed by the Government and that could be also the reason of banning these foreigners.

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