Dangerous Cyclone Amphan Will Hit Bengal Today 20 May 2020

Cyclone Amphan which is more powerful than Cyclone Fani will hit bengal today(20 May 2020). It is estimated that it will hit Bengal by afternoon. Over three lakh people have already been evacuated from Bengal till now. It will hit Bengal with 185 kilometers per hour winds. In Bengal and Odisha powerful winds and heavy rainfalls are already occurring as Cyclone advancing towards Indian Coast. Officials have said that this Severe Cyclone can make significant damage to Bengal.

Odisha has said that they are ready to handle the worst-case scenario. Odisha is also known for its handing of Cyclone Fani. Odisha is also ready to evacuate millions of people. Officials have also said that Cyclone may not give that much damage because it will get weakened when it will reach Indian coast. Indian Navy is also on “high alert” for any relief efforts.

What is Cyclone Amphan?

Cyclone Amphan
Cyclone Amphan

Cyclone Amphan is a Super Cyclone. Any Cyclone crosses its speed of 200kmph is known as Super Cyclone. Cyclone Amphan turned into a Super Cyclone this week on Monday. It will hit Bay of Bengal by Wednesday. Official have said that it will get weakened when it will reach Bengal and Odisha. its maximum speed will be around 155 KMPH to 185 KMPH.

How Cyclone Amphan got its name?

Cyclone Amphan is also pronounced as UM-PUN. UM-PUN or Amphan name is given by Thailand, which means sky.

Areas Affected By Cyclone Amphan?

Cyclone Amphan Areas Affected
Cyclone Amphan Areas Affected

Odisha And Bengal are most affected areas because of Cyclone Amphan. Odisha and Bengal are currently dealing with heavy rainfalls and powerful winds. landfalls are also likely to happen in Odisha and Bengal. According to IMD(Indian meteorological Department) heavy rainfalls and storms may also occur to all states near Odisha and Bengal like Sikkim, Meghalaya, and Assam. These states have also issued alerts.

Government Actions Towards Cyclone Amphan

Mamta Banarjee
Mamta Banarjee

On 18th May, Prime Minister Narendra Modi called up a high-level meeting for preparation to confront the Cyclone. Prime Minister Modi tweeted this after the meeting.”Reviewed the preparedness regarding the situation due to cyclone ‘Amphan.’ The response measures as well as evacuation plans were discussed. I pray for everyone’s safety and assure all possible support from the Central Government,”.

Over Three Lakh people have been evacuated from Bengal and Odisha for their safety. On Tuesday(19 May 2020) Home Minister of India Amit Shah also spoke to the Chief Minister of Bengal and Odisha. Home Minister Amit Shah assured them help from Central Government.

NDRF (National Disaster Response Force) teams are also deployed to deal with any worst condition or emergency condition. Over 1600 Shelter Camps have been set up for the shelter of people. CM Mamta Banarjee said, ‘I will stay in the control room tomorrow night’ here you will find all details about that. You can read our Previous post on Mi 10 here.

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