Game Won’t Start? How to Troubleshoot Common Steam Problems

As a PC gamer, Steam is a fantastic way to download and play almost any online computer game you could possibly want. However, you may run into problems running or downloading games. 

What are some fast and easy troubleshooting methods to help you get your Steam account back up and running?

If you’re struggling to play or download games on Steam, we’re here to help. Here are a few easy ways to troubleshoot your Steam account.

Restart Steam

The simplest answers are often the solutions to your problems. If you are running into issues with one or more of your games, the best thing to do is restart Steam. 

Restart Your System

If restarting Steam itself doesn’t fix the error, you may need to reboot your computer. This will restart any programs that you were running in the background. Hopefully, this will free up resources that were blocking your game from running or downloading.

This can also help if Steam refuses to open at all, making it impossible for you to run other diagnostic issues with the program itself. For other troubleshooting solutions with Steam, visit

End Running Steam Processes

Closing out of Steam and opening it immediately may not be all you have to do to restart Steam. There could be hidden processes going on that you aren’t aware of.

In order to fully shut down Steam, open your task manager through the Start menu or with Ctrl + Shift + Esc. This will show you any programs running in the background. From there, you can locate and cancel any programs that Steam is attempting to run.

Once you have closed out all of the programs, attempt to open Steam again. 

Clear Download Cache

If your game refuses to load or stops working once you’ve reached a certain point in the game, the issue may be with the game itself. Corrupted files can cause these types of crashes, as well as other bugs within the game. To repair these crashes, you can have Steam clear or validate your game’s cache for internal errors.

All you need to do is find the game in your Steam library and right-click on the game. Select properties, then go to the tab labeled Local Files. There will be a selection that reads VERIFY INTEGRITY OF GAME CACHE within this tab.

You can also clear the data in the game’s cache through Steam. This will temporarily flush out locally cached data before acquiring it from Steam again. Simply go to your Steam, hit Settings -> Downloads -> Clear Download Cache. 

Change Download Server

Steam automatically detects its users’ current region and connects them to servers in the same region for maximum performance. However, these servers can occasionally run slow or may be overloaded with users at a specific time. This can cause difficulties running or downloading games.

Temporarily changing your download region may help load or download your games faster. You can attempt various different servers until you find one that runs properly. Just remember to switch your region back to your original location once you’re done!

Examine Anti-Virus Software

Have you been getting an error that reads Could not connect to Steam network? If so, your anti-virus software may be to blame. To fix this issue, you may need to temporarily uninstall your anti-virus software or restart the software.

Keep in mind that any anti-virus software could cause these error messages to appear. Make sure to disable or uninstall any anti-virus software you have in order to prevent the message from appearing. Which Entrepreneur Made Tractors Before Entering the Sports Car Business? Don’t forget to enable your anti-virus software after you’ve finished playing to continue protecting your computer.

Update Your System

If your system and drivers are not up to date, your Steam may struggle to download or run games. Make sure that your computer is completely up to date before attempting to run Steam again.

Windows users can update their systems by entering “update” in the start box, then running “check for updates” in the options menu. 

Disable Steam Overlay

Older games may experience difficulties running with Steam’s game overlay feature. This is the screen that appears when you hit Shift + Tab while in a game. Disabling this overlay may fix any issues you may be experiencing.

To disable Steam overlay, go to your Steam library and right-click on the game in question. Select properties and uncheck the box labeled Enable Steam Community In-Game. 

Reinstall Steam

If you are still unable to download or play Steam games, then you may need a more advanced solution. You may need to uninstall and redownload Steam to your computer; this should be used as a last resort, as uninstalling steam will delete all of your games and could wipe any saved files you had.

 Downloading Steam back to its original location will preserve your installed games. With any luck, reinstalling Steam will fix any errors with the Steam client and allow you to play your games normally.

Get Back to Gaming

Working out your Steam problems may be a challenge, but with these tips, you can get back to playing all of your favorite games in no time. Use these Steam troubleshooting tips the next time your Steam client is acting up.

Have you been having issues with your Steam account lately? What steps have you taken to navigate the problem?

We’d love to hear your thoughts and ideas. Leave a comment down below with your troubleshooting ideas and share this article with your friends and family to help them with their gaming problems. 

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