How Can Brands Improve Their Brand Awareness?

Relying on your current customers to carry the business in the future is not the best approach. The ecommerce industry changes regularly. New trends come and go, and even an insignificant novelty could snowball out of control and lead to potential losses.

If you want to avoid that, you need to think outside the box and take a different approach. Focusing on brand awareness could be one of the suggestions to consider. 

Getting the word out would mean reaching new audiences and potentially attracting new customers that you would not have got using the same old marketing techniques.

But how does brand awareness work, and how can businesses make the most out of their budget and improve their current standing? This article should give you plenty of information on the subject.

Tip #1 – Start a Custom Merchandise Line

The idea of personalized t-shirts has been around for a while, but it took off even more, thanks to the available print on demand services. These services allow interested parties to avoid inventory, shipping, and other complicated matters and focus directly on customer service.

Printify has recently published ecommerce statistics that reveal how the global custom t-shirt marketing is expected to cross 10 billion dollar value in 2025. But what does it mean for brands that want to create brand awareness?

Well, if people are interested in custom t-shirts, you can take advantage of that and push your brand even more. You can give out free t-shirts, have your employees participate in live events wearing them, and come with wacky designs and sell t-shirts directly on your website.

Tip #2 – Cooperate With Micro-Influencers

Most businesses should be familiar with influencer marketing and what it brings to the table. However, the focus seems to be on A-tier celebrities nowadays. The line of thought is that the more followers someone has, the more valuable they can be.

While there is truth in that, it does not necessarily mean that top influencers are the way to go. Overpaying for mediocre results is not recommended.

Instead, your brand should aim to cooperate with micro-influencers. Even if they have fewer followers, micro-influencers are known for the engagement they receive. And the chances are that some micro-influencers have an audience you will not find anywhere else. For example, on the A-tier celebrity accounts. 

Finally, you will not have to spend as much on micro-influencers, meaning that you can work with multiple personalities and expand your potential to reach even more.

Tip #3 – Seek Opportunities to Publish Sponsored Content

Get in touch with bloggers and ask for a chance to publish sponsored content. The main point is to get a backlink. Not only do backlinks increase the SEO score if they come from authority websites, but you can also expect direct traffic from the blog where you publish the article.

If you cannot write the content yourself, hire a professional writer who can produce quality articles, and start contacting bloggers. 

Tip #4 – Go Offline

Offline events may be a bit difficult at the moment because of the pandemic, but when it is over, you should seek opportunities to take your brand outside the internet. 

Participating in industry-relevant conventions, charities, local community events, and other types of events will allow you to meet people in person and talk about your brand, its values, what it is like to work on it, and so on. And the more people you talk to, the more potential opportunities you will get.

Tip #5 – Focus on Pro-Environment Policies

Given the current environmental problems, more and more brands are discarding ideas that damage the planet. Be it the means of shipping products, supporting local green markets, donating to charities, and recycling, each little thing builds customer trust.

While this may not be the case for every customer, imagine someone having to choose between brands that offer virtually the same product or service. The difference between these brands is that one is pro-environment, and another is not. The pick should be quite clear. 

Tip #6 – Try Different Social Media Sites

Abandoning such social media platforms as Facebook, Pinterest and Instagram should not be an option. The most popular social media sites can still bring in plenty of customers if you have a solid marketing strategy. 

However, spending some resources on building a presence on less popular social media sites is a good piece of advice. Who knows, you may be one of the first to enter the market and get the lion’s share of it.

Keep tabs on new social media sites that pop up and get on them as soon as you can. Some of the lesser-known social media platforms include Valence, HouseParty, CaringBridge, and Mocospace.

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