Vodafone Idea Deducted Rs 99 From Users, Many People Saying It’s a Scam On Twitter

Vodafone Idea deducted
Vodafone deducted Rs 99 from many customers

Vodafone Idea deducted Rs 99 from many customers as International Roaming Charges. Vodafone Idea deducted Rs 99 from users at around 3am – 4am on 2 June. Vodafone Idea have 34 Crore User base. Many people are complaining that why they have to pay international roaming charges in their own country. Many people also saying it’s a scam because they used none of this service before. Currently Rs 99 keyword is trending on Twitter India.

People have received this message from Vodafone “Dear Customer, this is to inform you that a rental amount of Rs 99 has been deducted towards International Roaming rental for 30 days”. Many people have received this message today.

I have found this on Vodafone official new terms and conditions pdf “International Roaming service is mandatory for using your number abroad. This is at a charge of Rs 99 (for 30 days) which gets automatically deducted from the balance on the first chargeable event i.e.”. In this term Vodafone is saying that “International Roaming service is mandatory for using your number abroad”, which means this charge is for those users who are using their number for calling abroad or for those who are living in abroad. But many people on twitter are saying that they haven’t used any service like this before.

So it could be a mistake by Vodafone and maybe Vodafone return all the balance they have deducted. There is no official statement from Vodafone yet, though. Many people on Twitter also asking for refund from Vodafone.

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