Best Money Earning Apps In India 2022 [Updated]

Are you looking for the best money earning apps in India? If yes then you are at the perfect place.

Just search for “best money earning apps in India”, and you will get a lot of results.

I have done that many times when I was looking for earning apps. And I know most of the posts are outdated. Even some of the apps do not exist now. As I have already faced the issue, I know the pain. So after doing a lot of research I have found some handsome online money earning apps in India.

In this post, I have organized all the posts and written all the detail.

Most people think that with smartphones you can only do calls, messages, social media, etc. But that’s not true. You can make your smartphone a cash machine. And you don’t need to hard work for it. Of course, you have to work for that but not so hard. Now working smart works well.

There are many earning apps, where you can only show your earnings but can’t withdraw. I am talking about fake apps. Below, I am going to share real money earning apps.

I have chosen some Taza Taza fresh best money earning apps for Android and iOS.

Let’s get started…

Best Money Earning Apps

How To Earn Money From Apps

I’m going to share a bunch of apps to make money. Not all apps are in the same category. There are various apps to earn money like reselling apps, stock trading apps, e-Sport apps(Gaming Apps), & some other apps.

Don’t worry I am going to share with you how you can earn money online from apps.

How Much Money Can You Make Through Money Earning Apps

This is the first question people asked when they try something related to making money online. Many people still think that online earning is a scam.

On the other hand, some thought earning online is as easy as eating a piece of cake.

But the hard truth is it’s not a scam and not as easy as some people think.

Now come to the question of how much money you can make.

The answer is it depends on various factors like

1.) How many apps are you using to make money?

2.) How much time you are spending to make money?

3.) Your experience with money making apps. If you have the experience you can make more than others who don’t have it.

I know you don’t like the answer. But that’s the truth.

You can make around Rs.10K-20K through these online earning money apps. Some can make more than this.

Best Money Earning Apps in India For 2022

Now there are so many so-called earning apps available out there. So it’s quite difficult to find legit and good money apps. Don’t worry I am here with all the legit money making apps.

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Here are some top money earning apps in India.

#0 Meesho

Meesho is India’s most popular reselling app in India. You have to resell items to earn a commission. You might have seen ads on TV and Youtube. Many people are earning more than Rs.15,000 per month by just reselling items.

Meesho is one the best money earning apps in India without investment.

Meesho is quite popular money earning application in India. Many users are earning money through reselling.

Here’s how you can do the same.

  • First of all, just download the Meesho app.
  • Now register in the app with your details.
  • Then share the product catalog in your WhatsApp Groups.
  • When someone orders, you will get a profit margin. You can set your own profit margin.

I know it’s a bit overwhelming. No worry I have a detailed guide on how you can earn money on Meesho.

#1 Upstox – Online Share/Stock Trading

Upstox app
Upstox app

Upstox is one of the most popular stock trading apps in India. You might have already heard about Upstox. With Upstox you can invest in Stock, Mutual Funds, IPOs, Futures & Options.

Upstox has also quite a good referral platform. Through the program, you can make a huge amount of money. Sometimes they offer a handsome referral bonus of Rs.1200 per referral. Yeah, you have read it right. It was Rs.1200. But now they are paying Rs.600 per referral. They keep changing their referral program.

How To Install Upstox & Sign Up?

  • First of all, just download the Upstox app.
  • Now enter your basic details and verify your Mobile Number and Email ID.
  • You need to complete your KYC

Honestly, the registration process is quite long. I have shared a detailed guide about Upstox, You should check out the detailed Upstox guide.

How To Refer & Earn On Upstox?

  • Open the app and tap on Menu.
  • Now tap on Refer and Earn.
  • Share your referral link and earn real money.

You can withdraw the referral bonus to your bank account. The withdrawal process is given in the detailed post, You can check that.

#2 WazirX: Buy Bitcoin & Other Cryptocurrency

WazirX app

WazirX is the most popular crypto exchange platform in India. You can buy and sell Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.

The WaizrX referral program highest paying in this category. When you referee trade, you will get 50% of his/her trading fee. And the best thing is you will get the commission for a lifetime.

It’s one of the popular crypto refer and earn Indian money earning apps.

How To Install WazirX & Sign Up?

  • First, you need to visit the WazirX registration page.
  • Now tap on Sign Up button.
  • Enter your Email ID and create a password.
  • Enter this WazirX referral code – zgfkr9jw.
  • Verify your Mobile Number and Email ID.
  • Complete KYC verification.

How To Refer & Earn?

  • Open the app, and tap on Refer and Earn.
  • Now share the referral link/code with your friends.

You can this in-dept post about WazirX referral program.

#3 Angel One: Online Trading & Stock Broking

Angel One
Angel One Referral Code

Angel One is another online Trading & Stockbroking app. Earlier it was known as Angel Broking. Recently they rebranded.

It is paying Rs.500 per successful referral. But there’s a condition your referee must do trading. Once the referee traded on Angel One, you will get a handsome amount of Rs.500.

Angel One is one of the best stock tradings refer and earn apps to earn money in India.

How To Install & Sign Up?

  • Download the Angel One app.
  • Now enter your basic details and verify your Mobile Number.
  • Then enter your Email ID, DOB, Bank Details & PAN Card.
  • Enter your Aadhaar Number and verify it.
  • Choose the Self Courier option.
  • You will receive the login details via SMS.
  • Now you have to download the Angel One iTrade Prime app from Play Store.
  • Log in with your Angel One login details and create a password.

How To Refer and Earn?

  • First, open the app and tap on Refer & Earn.
  • Here you can see your referral link.
  • Just share your link as much as you can.
  • Once anyone joins through links and does his/her first trade. You will get Rs.500 bonus.

#4 Times Prime

Times Prime is an all-in-one subscription platform. Where premium users can get subscriptions on different platforms(Sony LIV, Zee 5, MUBI, Gaana Plus, Discovery+, & Amazon Audible). But have to pay for only one subscription which is Times Prime Premium Membership. Apart from all these, they are paying Rs.300 free Paytm cash per referral. Yeah, they are paying Rs.300 Paytm cash per referral. If you are looking for a Paytm money earning app, you should try this.

How To Register & Buy Times Prime Premium?

  • First, Download the Times Prime app from Play Store.
  • Now just visit this link Times Prime.
  • Enter your Mobile Number and tap on Have a referral code. Enter this times prime referral code – 54U30FOG.
  • Verify your Mobile Number using OTP.
  • If you use this code – 54U30FOG. You will get Rs.200 discount on the premium membership.
  • Just pay the amount of Rs.799. The actual price is Rs.999 (999-200=799).
  • Now you are a premium member of Times Prime.

How To Refer & Earn?

  • Just login to your Times Prime account.
  • Now on your profile then tap on Refer & Earn.
  • Share your referral code/link.
  • Once anyone joins, you will get flat Rs.300 free Paytm cash.

You can check out this detailed guide about Times Prime.

#5 CoinDCX – Crypto Exchange

CoinDCX referral code

CoinDCX is a crypto exchange platform similar to WazirX. You can buy & sell cryptocurrencies. It is paying Rs.100 worth ETH per referral. Not only that your referee also gets Rs.100 worth ETH. It’s quite a good earning app as you don’t have to do much work. Just refer and earn. You can also use this app to invest in crypto.

ETH (Ethereum is a cryptocurrency like Bitcoin.)

How To Install & Sign Up?

  • First, Download the CoinDCX app.
  • Open the app and tap Sign Up.
  • Enter your name, Email ID, & password.
  • Verify your mail by entering the OTP that you have received in your mail.
  • Similarly verify your Mobile Number.
  • Add your bank account details.
  • Complete KYC verification.

Here’s a complete guide on how to register and complete KYC On CoinDCX.

#6 Current Rewards

Current Rewards is a reward-earning app. You can earn rewards by listening to music. There are also some other ways to earn rewards like completing, surveys, playing games, watching videos, & charging your phone. The online money earning app available for Android & iOS.

Pros & Cons:


  • Earn Money for listening to music.
  • Paypal Payout.
  • Multiple ways to earn.


  • Not paying much in India as compared to US.

I have shared a super detailed guide about the Current Rewards app.

#7 Honeygain App

Honeygain app lets you earn money for sharing the internet. Yes, you can earn money without doing anything. Trust me I am not joking. You just need to install the app, and it can earn $$ for you. The app is available for both smartphones & PC. You can get instantly $5 for signing up. If you have an unlimited internet connection at your home, you should try this new earning app.

Honeygain is one of the best real money earning apps in India without investment.

According to Honeygain, you can earn up to $600 per year.

Here’s a step-by-guide about how you can make money on Honeygain.

Pros & Cons:


  • You can earn passive income effortlessly.
  • Paypal & Bitcoin payout.


  • You can’t make a lot of money with it.

#8 WinZO Gold App

winzo gold app
winzo gold app

WinZO Gold App is one of the best money-earning apps and gaming platform apps. Here you can earn money by playing games online. WinZO Gold is getting more popular day by day. There are over 70 games to play.

You will find here popular games like Free Fire, Cricket Fantasy, Fruit Chop, Carrom, Pool, etc. I will share step by step guide on how you can earn money with the Winzo Gold app.

Apart from games, you can also earn money with the referral program. It’s offering Rs.22 per referral. WinZO is one of the best Paytm cash-earning games.

I have shared a detailed post about WinZO Gold App. Check it out for more details.

How To Install And Earn Money With Winzo Gold App?

Step 1 – First of all, download the Winzo Gold app.

Step 2 – Now open the app and enter your mobile number.

earn money app

Step 3 – Verify the mobile number by entering the OTP.

Step 4 – After that just play your favorite games and earn Paytm cash.

Now let’s look at the pros and cons of the Winzo Gold app.

Pros Of Winzo Gold App

  1. Sign up bonus Rs.50.
  2. Available in multiple languages.
  3. 70+ Games are available to play. You can choose from various games.

Cons Of Winzo Gold App

  1. Not available in Google Play Store.
  2. 5% redemption charge.

#9 Rozdhan App

real money earning apps in india

Rozdhan App is one of the most popular Paytm cash earning apps. Basically, Rozdhan is a news app. Where you can earn money by reading the news, playing games, watching videos, etc.

According to Rozdhan, it is the best money-earning app in India. Rozdhan app has 10 million+ installs on Google Play Store. There are very few registers and earn Paytm cash apps, Rozdhan is one of them.

Check this detailed post about Rozdhan App.

How To Install & Earn Money On Rozdhan?

It’s one of the popular and trusted Paytm earning app. Here are the steps to register on Rozdhan App. You will get Rs.50 sign-up bonus. Which is fully withdrawable.

Step 1 – First, click this button and download the Rozdhan app from Google Play Store.

Step 2 – Now open the app and enter your mobile number and verify it.

Step 3 – You will get Rs.50 bonus.

Step 4 – You can earn money by reading news, completing surveys, installing apps, playing games, and referring.

Pros Of Rozdhan App

  1. Flat Rs.50 sign-up bonus. It is fully withdrawable.
  2. Available on Google Play Store.
  3. Various ways to earn like completing surveys, reading news, installing apps, puzzle tasks, watching videos, etc.

Cons Of Rozdhan App

  1. The minimum withdrawal amount is Rs.200. It’s quite high.
  2. They decrease the referral amount after the first referral.

Are you looking for Paytm cash earning website, you should check the Chillarcash website.

#10 Big Cash App

Big Cash App is a gaming app similar to Winzo Gold. Big Cash App is one of the best money-earning apps. It has 2 crores players. There 15+ money earning games available in the Big Cash app.

The games are Fruit Chop, Cricket Cash, 8 Ball Pool, Knife Hit, Egg Basket, Bulb Smash, Basketball, Football, etc. You can choose to play your favorite games and earn money online. It’s one of the best money-earning apps for playing games.

You will get Rs.30 for your referee’s first-ever deposits. Apart from that, you will also get 25% of the revenue share(up to Rs.500) of your referee’s winning games.

Here is a detailed guide about Big Cash App.

How To Install and Earn Money On Big Cash App?

Step 1 – First of all, download the Big Cash app from here.

Step 2 – Now open the app and log in with Facebook.

Step 3 – Enter your mobile number.

Step 4 – Verify the number by entering the OTP.

Step 5 – You will get Rs.50 bonus.

Step 6 – Choose your favorite game and start earning.

Pros Of Big Cash App

  1. The withdrawal amount is Rs.50. You can reach this amount easily by playing games.
  2. Paytm and Bank Withdrawal options are available.
  3. 15+ games are available.

Cons Of Big Cash App

  1. APK is not available on Google Play Store.
  2. The gaming interface is not good.

#11 Ludo Supreme Gold

Ludo Supreme Gold Referral Code – ZF8ISFX

Hey did you ever think that you can earn money by playing Ludo on your Smartphone? I guess no. Ludo Supreme Gold is one of the best Ludo gaming apps in the market right now.

This app pays real cash to play Ludo. You can play Ludo anytime 24/7 tournaments available. You will get 10 minutes to complete each game.

Read in detail about Ludo Supreme Gold App here.

How To Install & Earn On Ludo Supreme Gold

Step 1 – First of all, click this button and download the Ludo Supreme Gold App.

Step 2 – Now register on the app by entering your mobile number. Or you can log in with your Google account.

money earning apps
money earning apps

Step 3 – Enter Ludo Supreme Gold Referral Code – ZF8ISFX.

Step 4 – You will get flat Rs.10 sign-up bonus. Just start to play Ludo and earn money.

Pros Of Ludo Supreme Gold App

  1. Earn up to Rs.1,000 per refer.
  2. The app works really fast. 
  3. 24/7 tournaments are available.
  4. Paytm and Bank Withdrawals available.

Cons Of Ludo Supreme Gold App

  1. The minimum redemption amount is Rs.60 after 1st withdrawal.

Check out some Ludo earning apps to earn money in 2022.

#12 MPL App

MPL is India’s largest e-Sport platform. Where you can play games and earn money. You can play 60+ games for real money. Now more than 9 Cr+ users are earning money from MPL. Here you will find the best money earning games.

You will get Rs.75 for signing up.

How To Install & Register:

  • First, just download the MPL app.
  • Enter your Mobile Number and verify it.
  • You will get Rs.75 bonus.

Now just play game and earn money.

How To Refer & Earn:

The MPL referral program is quite good. With the referral program, you will get Rs.75 when your friend joins using your referral code. And only that you will also get 50% of your friend’s first deposit, up to an Rs.75 bonus.

  • Open the app and tap on Refer and Earn.
  • Share your referral links with your friends.
  • When anyone joins through your code/link you will get the above-mentioned benefits.

#13 PlayerzPot

PlayerzPot fantasy sports and gaming app. Here you can play Cricket, Football, Kabaddi, Basketball, Baseball, Handball, Volleyball, and Hockey. There are games available like Ludo, Chess, Sheep Fight, and Snake and Ladder. They claimed their users are making 10Cr+ daily.

How to Install:

  • Just download the PlayerzPot app.
  • Tap on Sign Up and enter your Mobile Number and Email.
  • Now enter this referral code – N7358046.
  • Verify your Mobile Number and Email ID.
  • You will get Rs.50 as sign up bonus once you do Mobile, Email, and KYC verification.

You can earn up to Rs.1500 per referral on PlayerzPot.

#14 Real11

Real11 is a Cricket and Football fantasy app. Goutam Gambhir is the brand ambassador of this app. You can use the 100% sign-up bonus to play games.

  • Download the app from here. It is available on both OS Android and iOS.
  • Now install the app on your device.
  • Enter your Mobile Number and Email ID.
  • Verify your number and Email.
  • Enter this referal code if asked 652XA4B13F.
  • You are ready you earn money with Real11.

#15 Skill Clash

Skill Clash is a new e-Sport gaming platform. You can play games on the website. To download the app, you need to register first on the website. There are many games available like Fruit Chop, Ludo, Carrom, Tic, Tac Toe, & Cricket.

With the referral program, you can make Rs.5,000. It’s a new earning app. You can refer this app to your friends.

  • First you need to register on Skill Clash website.
  • Register with your Mobile Number.
  • Verify it.
  • You’re ready to play and earn.

#14 MarketWolf

MarketWolf is a Stock trading app owned by FnO India Securities Pvt. Ltd. The MarketWolf app is downloaded by 1000000+ users. Currently, this app pays Rs.200 per successful referral. The best thing is both you and your friend will get Rs.200 bonus.

It’s a stock trading money earning application in India(Through a referral program).

  • First of all, download the app.
  • Open the app and tap Login.
  • Now tap in Open a Trading Account.
  • Enter your Mobile Number and verify the number.
  • Create a 4 digit PIN.
  • Enter your DOB, Name, and Email.
  • Now enter your PAN & enter your parents name.
  • Select your Gender and other details.
  • Enter your Address and Bank details.
  • Now complete your KYC by uploading PAN Card, Aadhaar, & Selfie.
  • You will get Rs.50 once the KYC verification done.
  • And anothr Rs.150 on first trading.

I have written a detailed guide about MarketWolf.

#15 Atta Poll

Atta Poll is a survey filling app. Where you can make free PayPal Cash by filling small surveys. The surveys are easy to fill so don’t take the stress. Not only that but you can earn 10% for a lifetime if anyone installs it through your referral.

  • Just download the app from Play Store.
  • Tap on continue.
  • Select your Google account.
  • Now go to Settings and enter this code “swgqg“.
  • Then complete your Profile.
  • You will more surveys if you complete Profile surveys.

Good News! I have a detailed guide that shows exactly how you can make money on Atta Poll.

#16 Local Vocal App

earn paytm cash by watching videos
earn paytm cash by watching videos

Local Vocal is a news app. This app is providing these Entertainment News, Health & Fitness Tips, Job Notifications, Viral Videos, Trending News, Crime News, Trending Local News, etc.

You can read the news in your language. There is 9 language available on this app like English, Hindi, Bengali, Tamil, Telugu, Kannada, Malayalam. The only to way earn Paytm cash with this app is by referring.

How To Install & Get Free Paytm Cash On Local Vocal App

Step 1 – First of all, click on this button and download the Local Vocal App from Google Play Store.

Step 2 – Now enter your mobile number and verify it by entering OTP.

Step 3 – Then share your referral link to get free Paytm cash. You will get Rs.5 per refer.

Pros Of Local Vocal App

  1. You will get all news.
  2. The minimum withdrawal amount is only Rs.30.
  3. The app is available in Play Store.

Cons Of Local Vocal App

  1. No sign-up bonus.
  2. There’s only one way to earn. Which is by referring.
  3. Provides only Rs.5 per refer. Which is quite low as compare to others.

With Zupee Gold App, You can earn by playing interesting quizzes. I would say that Zupee Gold App is one of the real money-earning apps in India.

#17 Qureka Pro App

spin and win paytm cash

Qureka Pro referral code – A7686087

Qureka Pro App is a live quiz app. Here you can earn Paytm cash by playing quizzes. You can learn & as well as earn money. Play quiz anytime from 9 AM to 9 PM.

There are 15+ quiz shows daily. You can play a quiz every hour. There are 10 questions in every quiz and you will get 10 seconds to answer each question.

Qureka quizzes are available in various categories like GK, Sports, Math, Business, World, History, Geography, Film & Celeb, Politics, and Literature. This app has over 10 million installs on Google Play Store.

How To Install & Earn Money On Qureka

Step 1 – First of all, click this button and download Qureka Pro.

Step 2 – Now open the app and enter your mobile number.

Step 3 – Enter Qureka Pro referral code – A7686087.

Step 4 – Now start playing quizzes and earn money.

Quick Tips: Go to the Telegram app and search for Qureka Quiz Answers. Just join any channel. You will get all answers before the quiz starts.

Pros Of Qureka Pro

  1. Fast Withdrawals.
  2. Paytm and Bank Withdrawals available.

Cons Of Qureka Pro

  1. The minimum Withdrawl amount is Rs.100.

#18 Google Opinion Reward

Google Opinion Reward is an earning app from Google. They give surveys and you have to complete those. The surveys are quite interesting and easy. You just need to complete small surveys to earn money. It’s the app that makes money without much work. You just need a few minutes to complete small surveys. Once you earn some bucks you can use the amount to buy something on Play Store.

The Opinion app is available for both Android and iOS. Head over to Google Opinion’s official site and download it.


  • Small & easy surveys.
  • The app comes from Google.


  • Can’t withdraw the amount to your bank account. You can only use the earned money on Play Store.

#18 Shopsy

Shopsy is a commission-based earn money online app. It’s one of the top real money earning apps in India. The app is introduced to the Indian Ecom giant Flipkart. You can earn a commission for ordering products from Flipkart.

Shopsy is among money earning apps in India without investment.

You have to order the product through Shopsy. The process is quite complicated, I have a detailed guide about the Shopsy app. Feel free to check it out.

#19 Panel Station

Panel Station is a market research platform. The company collects data from you and they pay you for sharing data. You just need to complete surveys to get paid. Once you earned a minimum of 3000 points (Rs.300), you can withdraw it. There are multiple redemption options available like Paytm, Amazon, Flipkart, etc.

TPS is another online money earning app without investment.

How to earn on Panel Station:

  • First of all, download the TPS app.
  • Now open the app and register on it.
  • Complete all the profiles. You will get points to complete profiles.
  • You will receive surveys according to your profile.
  • Complete the surveys. You will not qualify for all surveys.
  • Once you earned at least 3000 points, just redeem it.

#20 YouGov

YouGov is a similar platform to Panel Station. You will get points for completing surveys. You can redeem your points, once you earned a minimum of 5000 points (Rs.3600 points). This is one of the best free Paytm cash earning apps.

  • Just download the YouGov app.
  • Register in the app, and complete your profiles.
  • Now start completing surveys.
  • Redeem the points to your Paytm wallet.

I have shared some of the best online earning apps. Now it’s your turn to try these apps for making money.

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General FAQ

Which app is best for earning money?

The best various person to person. It depends on you. Some earn a good amount of money through refer and earn apps like Upstox, WazirX, etc. And some earn money through reselling apps like Meesho.

Personally, I like Meesho As you don’t need any investment to get started.

Are money-making apps legit?
The answer is a Big Yes. You can really make money through these apps.

Which is the best app to earn money in India?

Meesho is the best app to earn money in India.

What are the best apps to earn money in India?

All the apps I have shared are available in India.

Can I withdraw the money to a bank account?
Yes, you can withdraw the money to your bank account.

How much can I earn with these apps?

You can earn a decent amount of money as a side income.

What are the best apps to earn money for students in India?

The survey apps are good for students. Just complete small surveys and get paid without any investment.

Which is the best money earning app in the stock market?

Upstox is the best. They are paying high referral bonus than most of the apps.

What are the best Android apps for earning money?

I have shared the apps above. All the apps are available for Android.

How can a teenager make money online?

Age is not a barrier anymore. Age is just a number. You can do whatever you want. Although some apps only allow 18 plus, in this case, you can use your parent’s name and bank account.

Best Money Earning Apps Conclusion

I have shared some of the best money earning apps. All these apps are legit apps to earn money. Don’t just use your smartphone to timepass. Use it to make some extra cash.

Many people are earning money online with these apps. Now it is your turn.

Keep visiting this blog to stay updated.

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